Friday, 15 July 2016

Finding ways to wear me-made clothing

 Finally I found a way to wear this top. I really like this top but its so difficult to find anything I can wear with it for "normal life". I made it here: 35: Bardot style top pattern and playing with my serger but its really something I cannot seem to get to go with anything. I mean it will be great at Christmas but what about the rest of the year? I do not really go in for Christmas clothing and like to have stuff I can wear all the time.

Well I never have, all my life, worn ripped jeans despite them coming in and out of fashion every few years. Bearing in mind I grew in the days of Punk rock I still refused to wear ripped jeans with the exception to wearing them when they really rip naturally rather than me ripping a  hole in the knee to look cool. I kind of always thought it a bit sad to destroy a good pair of jeans. But then by the time jeans rip naturally they tend to simply fall to bits so you never do have the "real ripped jeans" look it seems.

Well stupid me. I had these jeans for ages., they started off pale bleached blue and I dyed them black but I just could not get into them. So at the ripe old age of 52 ( it was my birthday a few days ago) I finally decide I had better get round to this fashion because soon I am going to be far to old to carry it off. Its already debateable if I should wear something like this. But then a rock star would so why not a normal mortal like me? So I got out the scissors, put on my jeans and decided where to strategically rip my jeans. I did three holes in one leg and four in the other but let them just rip a bit more by kneeling down in them. Then I got out the sand paper and sanded them down along the rips ( I took them off for this bit since did not want to sand my knees!).

And low and behold my difficult to wear top is really very good with these. Who would have thought it?

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