Thursday, 27 April 2017

98 and 99 Sports top and flared trousers - TMS Black and White competition


I am hoping I have interpreted the rules correctly when I made this outfit for the "Tools by Hollie" competition with The Monthly Stitch. I understood it to be that we are each making something we would wear with the prizes.  So: for the black and white entry I made this outfit:

The jacket is McCalls M7482 except I accidentally reversed the pattern! Instead of the contrast I used a layer of black fishnet. Because I reversed the pattern I found it was much harder to make than probably it would have been the right way round because my head couldn't cope!
 Its kind of sportswear, very 90's,  but I have gone out in this and felt good despite a few problems with making it.
I am also quite pleased since just a year ago the jacket would definitely have been beyond my skill level. It is still not perfect but I intend to make a second one and hopefully correct the defects.  


I decided to use fabric I had in my stash which is a very boring cheap fluourescent crepe. I used the reverse which is smooth and reminds me of shell fabrics. It gives an almost sweatshirt inside which is nice. You can see the crepe side of the fabric here:

 The wrapover collar has a small snap fastener inside which keeps it in place.

 You can just about see here hopefully

The cuffs have thumb-holes!
When I bought the pattern I never realised and I have been meaning for ages to get round to making cuffs with thumbholes. And they are brilliant. Its turned cold again in the UK and its great having attached hand warmers!
To make these I first sewed to where the pattern is marked and then turned right side out and pinned into place and then hand sewed the holes together and then attached the facing to the edge of the seam by hand.


Its neater on the outside than it looks from these photos!


The inside bits: 


The problem is the zip which is a bit "wavey" and I cannot get to lie right so in the end I have decided to live with it and try to get a better zip-finish next time because I will definitely be making a  second version of this jacket.

I made the trousers using Burda Style high-waisted flares 11/2015#107A. They are made using a heavy ribbed fabric with a side panel of faux leather. Except despite fashion, I personally hate high waisted clothing so I initially followed the natural waistline and cut about 3 inches off the pattern and added my seam allowance. Once I tried them on I then took a further inch or so off the front to lower the waist even further. It sits on my own natural waistline.
The trousers

I had some problems taking photos in a confined space!

There is an elastic waistband and I left out the zip since my fabric is very stretchy and I didn't need one.

   The entire garment is overlocked except for the hems which are twin needle stitched and the elastic is attached using a twin needle stitch as well and then turned over and top stitched using twin needle stitching.

The inside seams are all overlocked. Hems twin needle stitched

This is the inside of the trousers:  


I absolutely love the trousers which I can see being a major part of this summer's wardrobe and the jacket is just lovely despite a few defects.

  So this is my "Black and White" entry for the "Tools by Hollie" competition.
Thanks for reading


97: upcycled pyjama top into cold shoulder sweater

On my recent shopping trip to find new ideas I realised there were lots of cold shoulder tops. A design that was most prevalent was one where the top has long sleeves and a strap on one side only so I decided to use a mans pyjama top which I had stashed because my other half hated it and the fabric was a nice black, grey and purple stripe which I was sure would come in useful.
Unfortunately I never took a photo before I started hacking so I put the bits back together so hopefully you get an idea of what I did for this top. Its really very simple. I just cut at a diagonal across the neckline leaving one shoulder intact but lowering and slightly shaping for the other. Then use the cut out bit to make a matching strap.

Hopefully you should be able to see where I chopped the neck to make this.

This is the neck once cut. You can see its higher one side to the other.

This shows how the bits were cut out.

I used the extra bit from the neck for the shoulder strap.

Since its still pretty cold I wore it over my mesh top made here:

Its the same self-drafed pattern as this one here:

and also my most recent version of this here:

In fact I seem to like wearing this type of top so maybe I should make a few more. they are so simple but you can get away with them even for work depending on how they are styled.Anyway not so sure about this neck really.

If you zoom into this photo you should be able to see that I overlocked the neck edge to make it neat and then twin needle stitched round the edge about a cm in from the overlocking to keep it in shape because I did not have enough extra fabric that matches to make a ribbed type of neckline but I suspect it may work better it had a band round the neck like a Tshirt so depending on what happens I may yet add this.

I have worn this a lot in the last few days so despite being a bit "home-made" I have found it very wearable. I may have to make a new version with a slightly higher back next rather than just upcycling an old (unworn) top.
Thanks for reading, hopefully see you again soon