Tuesday, 31 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 31 so the last day for a whole year.

Today I am wearing my side striped leggings here: 38: side panel leggings with my #MMMay16, Day 18, blue/black raglan sleeved top and my 33: Huge stripey hand knit jumper.

To be quite honest I have found it harder and harder to think of something to wear I have not worn before. As expected I do know what I need to make to fill gaps. Skirts and trousers and hand knit jumpers are the main things so really lots of basic stuff.

I also DID NOT complete my personal challenge since I have still got one side of my easy hand knit bat wing jumper that I have yet to finish knitting. That is a kind of a disappointment to be quite honest but I am simply a pretty slow knitter. I started it ages ago here: 18: Wonderful people and easy knitting bat wing sleeved jumper or sweater

By this time next year I intend to have a much better wardrobe of Me Made.
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#MMMay16. Day 30

This is yet another wearing of one of my raglan T shirts ( I do seem to wear them a great deal!) this time with a thrifted sequin and lace skirt.

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46: New mesh dress made from frump dress, #MMMay16 Day 30

Today I am wearing my blue frump dress which I decided I hated here:#MMMay16, Day 15

I took it appart after posting those horrible images and remade in a size 8 ( it was a size 12.) I also made a mesh dress similar to these: 42: Loads of mesh dresses and none for me!which I made for other people for an event next month. I attached the pale blue dress to the mesh dress at the shoulders only by hand stitching together.

I think it is a big improvement on my frumpy look of two weeks ago!

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#MMMay16 Day 29

To day I am wearing my block printed fabric cullottes made here: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/circular-shorts-or-cullottes
with my dark navy top made here: 7: Dark navy top with a step by step tutorial guide to making

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Friday, 27 May 2016

45: Goldfish Dress, #MMMay16, Day 27

109_0912_b_large This is my Goldfish dress made from this Burda style pattern from the September 2012 magazine.  
I used Ikea fabric for this. Its the same dress pattern as this dress here: 39: Black bug dress 2, MMMay16, Day 12 and again is made one size larger than I am meant to be due to me using cotton fabric with no stretch when this is a stretch fabric pattern.

The pattern has two options for a dress with a round neck and a top with a V back neckline. I decided to do something a bit different to the bug dress so went for  a V back like the top option. 106b_0912_b_large 
I had some problems getting the collar to sit right and ended up adding a press stud/snap fastener to make it lie flat and not stick out but it works now. The top pattern does not have a centre back zip but the dress does so I used one and that is why the collar does not sit right I think since on the top the two sides of the V collar are joined and on my dress they are not so need some kind of fastener. Also although I have a centre back zip I can actually put this dress on without undoing it. Probably that is due to the wider neckline with the V-back. If I make another version I will leave the back zip out.


You will have to ignore the bra strap here. It is not part of the dress!

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 26

Today I am wearing my Burdastyle oversized hoody from the January 2016 magazine which I made here: 24: Red lace hoody - Burdastyle 01/2016 and black faux leather leggings
With my side stripe leggings made here: 38: side panel legging

So we are in the last few days of #MMMay16!!! I could list all the things I now want to make but I think I will just get on with actually making stuff instead.


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#MMMay16, raglan sleeved top with coral sleeves

Today I am wearing my top made from a free pattern which you can read about here: 25: Comparing the free raglan sleeved T shirt patterns available on the internet
Unfortunately, I am wearing RTW trousers with it but they do go surprisingly well and I happen to particularly like this pair of trousers which date back to 1997. 

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 24

Today I am wearing my upcycled skirt again made from my Dad's Pyjama top with my black raglan top made here: 27: Better picture of orange raglan top and a new top  from Newlook 6230. This is definitely not the best top I ever made or even a very well fitting top but does work well over my exercise kit so has turned out surprisingly useful. 
I made a mistake when I made this top since it is meant to have a centre back seam and it seemed to me a bit stupid so I put it on the fold to eliminate it but forgot to remove the seam allowance so its a bit bigger at the back than it should be.

 It does make a great ballet style neckline top though and works off one shoulder too so if I wear it with the right things its great despite my mistake.

I suppose if you do not want to spend hours making couture clothing, which to be honest I would love to do but right now I do not have time time let alone the patience to make, then you need to either scrap your mistakes or make them work for you. I do really admire blogs like https://fiftydresses.com and would love to be that skilled, but my wardrobe making is more about variety and having something I can afford that is a bit different from what I can buy on the High Street. Maybe one day I will have gained the skill to make such beautiful clothing but right now I just need stuff I can wear.

Also my lifestyle is very fast and stressful like many other people so I simply do not go to places where I can actually wear a lot of the lovely clothes I would like to make.

I have recently, to be honest been concentrating on fast makes often with knits since I am addicted to my overlocker. I think though in the next few months I need some more structured clothing which inevitably will mean, timewise, much longer projects but it could be the next direction for this blog. I already started a really quite nice duster coat 30: Summer coat last month with the intention of taking part in "The Monthly Stitch" project but I still have not finished it. Thats something I really need to get back to asap. I may not need it right now but it will be worth the effort once the currently nice sunny weather goes back to normal rainy England.


Monday, 23 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 23, I need more hand knit jumpers!

Today I decided to again wear my green hand knit jumper so that is the third time this month. I knew it was a favourite and I wear it lots but this month I am actually trying not to wear it and have still ended up wearing this three times including today. I obviously need more hand knit jumpers!

Here is today's emsemble then:

This is my black dress here:
 with RTW leggings from H&M and my green jumper. 

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#MMMay16, Sunday 22nd May, My green scarf dress

I am not sure this mesh dress really counts as upcycling. I made it from two halloween scarves from the Pound Shop but I did buy them with the idea to do this with them so it is not really upcycling. More a new fabric source.

 Everything is overlocked - seams and hems.

You can see the skulls better in the next few photos.

It has overlocked side seams with exposed seams but I did the sleeve seams with the overlocking inside to make the distinction that the outer side seams are MEANT to be outside as a feature of the design. 

 Unfortunately the fabric is very delicate so I may only get a few wearings before it goes in lots of ladders but it is a fun dress for a sunny weekend and I really like the bright green with the skulls.

Still it only cost me £2.00 so if I get to wear it ten times that is a bargain really!

Its made very similarly to this: 7: Dark navy top with a step by step tutorial guide to making
except I did the sleeve seams on the inside this time.

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#MMMay Saturday 21st May - My recycled/upcycled sock skirt

Today was lovely weather so I decided I cannot do #MMMay16 without wearing this skirt.

Its far from perfect but is a bit unusual in that I made it from old socks. Generally when you wear out a pair of socks you have just one go in holes not both. Also usually the leg bit of your sock is perfect.

I needed a clear out since I had so many socks with holes in and was going to send this lot of old socks to landfill when I got the idea to make this surfing skirt.

It was a few years ago now and I did not have a fabric stash then and also no spare money to buy any. Its a bit strange maybe making a skirt from old socks but I do love this item in my wardrobe.

 It is not something I can wear very often and I originally intended this as just a beach skirt for holidays and its very similar to lots of surfing clothing that you find at holiday resorts and also festival clothing.

The waistband has a pullcord made from a Doc Martin Boot shoe lace. The waistband is a strip of black jersey recyled from an old holey T shirt. The entire skirt is made using a zigzag stitch. You can see a close up lower down of the inside of the skirt.

To make each square I opened up the socks and used the fabric single layered. As a bonus all of the squarea also contain lycra so its a very stretchy skirt that doesn't get any baggier with wear since the lycra lets it retain it's imperfect but fun shape.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

#MMMay16, Day 20, I feel very "punk" today!

 Today I decided to wear my lovely tartan leggings
10: Tartan leggings with both versions of my self drafted top together. 7: Dark navy top with a step by step tutorial guide to making
This top has exposed seams though you could wear it with them on the inside just as well but I like the slight punk feel to the exposed overlocked seams.

I am actually wearing two tops in different lengths both made from the same pattern and same material just the self-striped fabric has the stripes going in different directions on each top. It was just an experiment and until today I have never worn both at once but I like the effect so may well wear them like this again.

I feel very "punk" today!
Reggie-dog has photo-bombed me again! This dog just loves being photographed. Honestly he rushes in as soon as my partner gets the phone out and starts taking photos.

This outfit I really like. Should have tried this outfit sooner because I have been struggling a bit with #MMMay. Still thats the point isn't it?
Thanks for reading and see you soon.........