Sunday, 24 June 2018

Vivienne Westwood draped shirt free pattern

So as promised in my last post I am checking out FeyrTrade's new Craftsy class 
in order to make some sportswear. Then I gets a new post from her and it leads me slightly indirectly to  a very interesting fashion book which looks like a thesis and in this thesis is a link to this pattern.

Well how could I resist this challenge. I printed the pattern and went to put together only to find its a total nightmare man!

So I google it and I find a very helpful post here:

Sadly the blogger who wrote this did not put a very good photo up of this but it still helped me loads as did the Worlds End pattern page itself since it has a photo of the pattern on the fabric.

And I have this boring fabric which is a polycotton stripe shirting type of fabric. I thought it might make a work shirt but to put all that time and effort into making something so boring is just not me. I prefer ( sin of all sins!) to go and just buy one if I need it. It will probably look better and be more finished than anythng I currently make so no. No shirt making from any boring fabrics. If I am going to make a shirt it needs to be unique so out of some fabric I can buy.

But for this pattern YES! Just perfect I think.

So here is my very messed up pattern - after seeing this folks you will believe anything is possible and you know what I reckon this is actually going to make me a lovely drape shirt despite my mess of pattern making.

So you want a laugh - look at this:

 I simply could not work out where toput the papers:

My floor is not big enough.

I have oodles of rugs everywhere since my 14 year old dog falls over and slips on the laminate so we have small ( washable cos he is also incontinent sometimes) rugs everywhere and the floor is covered in them.

Of course common sense says I should have picked them up first but I somehow did not realise how big the pattern is or that it does not go together like most normal ( eg Burda) patterns do at all. The pages are not sequential. So in the end I ID'd the sleeve, pocket, yoke and realised the  square that is front and back and has two holes for the sleeevs/yoke to attach to is actually a rectangle :

MY Rectangle measures as follows:
123cm ( neck and hem side) x 154cm (sides) after ripping off edges. Armholes are situated: from RHside 42cm, LHside 39cm, 11cm accross armholes, 16.5cm top/bottom, 51cm between armholes 34-35cm from upper edge, 70-72cm to lower edge. Arm/sleeve top is longer not shorter edge so givinga  big cowl neck.
 Then placing onto fabric - I had about 2m of this striped stuff:

 Totally mad and the worst put together pattern ever!

 Its the sleeve holes matter and distance between each sleeve hole and ech side and top/bottom etc.
 Then this huge rectangle did not fit on my table:
 Still its a Vivienne Westwood so probably has a slight bit of leeway I am thinking:
 Then I realise I have no pins. As in to cut out with cos I left them round a friends! Well this is possible to do I reckon with just some weights so I raid the kitchen for appropriate heavy jars:

and then I cut out the 2 sleeves, 2 yokes, buttonhole facings and pocket:

First I line up the sleeve pattern to the ripped edge:

 Then the yoke:

 And pocket and button hole facing:
 I have already realised I should probably use interfacing on the yoke so will do that and then show you when I have finished. 

Watch this space. Thanks for visiting

#MM June days 19 to 24 - Two months and #MM is killing me!

Now I am getting bored. I do not have enough versions of things I have made and its very monotonous let alone meaning I have to do more washing else do not have enough clean clothing to wear #MM every day. I think Hand Made Carolyn did really well to do this #MM for a whole year. I am getting so sick of it and its hard to remember with everything else going on to take photos. Cann't wait till 1st July which also happens to be my birthday.

I also seem to have stopped sewing with all this emphasis on blogging about #MM and I do not want a fashion blog really. I want to keep this as a sewing blog and even though I am not the best sewist around at least this is tracking my progress quite well I think so as of 1st July thats it. I am back to sewing. Well actually I am on holiday next week. Not going away anywhere so plenty of time to sew - I hope. Thats the plan anyway cos I really have to get round to doing a  FBA and seeing if the jacket here works better and I need to have a go at FeyrTrade's new Craftsy class which apparently walks you through making leggings, a hoody and a vest in just a weekend. I can't wait to try that.

So first we have work with my orange boxy top and black wideleg trousers - I have worn these so much the last 2 months they are going pilly so  need new trousers.

 The after work we have comfy play clothes.
White top which is identical to this blue one here:
and dotty trousers

I am thinking secret Pjs tho should have decided what to make for this TMS challenge. Sadly I cannot use what I already made. Maybe this weekend I can just scrape in with the TMS June challenge.I have some fabric in mind for this because I seriously need new work trousers and confy is best.

Just have to make a decision on what to make - trousers maybe?
 So Wednesday and work was hectic today and horrible:


I came home and weeded round my bird table where the stray seeds go crazy this time of year.

 Close up of my Reggie dog - he got a bit close to the camera!
More boring work clothes, Navy trousers and dotty top

 And after work some play clothes:

 Comfy but slightly strange RTW goth top with my lovely animal print legggings ( me-made)

Then  my RTW dotty skirt with paisley front top

 And on Friday my lovely tho not so wearable (workwise) wrap front trousers with my wrap top.

 Saturday and I am on holiday and this is my first Goldfish dress

 Soooooo: now for some sewing!

Thanks for popping over;

Monday, 18 June 2018

9th to 18th June

Quick round up:
Saturday 9th
Original bugs dress - this pattern was a freebie with a magazine.I got tempted to buy it and rediscovered the hobby of my youth - sewing! 
I really like wearing this with the same mesh top which is based on my blue tops. They seem to belong together somehow.I have also recently remade a white version of the blue tops and I like it almost as much even though it is white.

My mesh-frump dress which I rarely wear but seemed to fit the weather:

Wide leg work trousers ( my workhorse it seems) with african block print top.


Dotty top and a new white Lindy Petal skirt ( made for The Monthly Stitch June Secret PJ challenge).

I have made this skirt before :

I like the original version. Not so sure about this but maybe its the colour. I never usually wear white but bought this fabric very cheap so needed a use for it and a work skirt seemed viable.

Lace trimmed top and flora and fauna skirt:

Black wrap top and with black wide leg trousers:

Very pyjama-rey!
Friday and a day off to set up at Leamington Peace festival. In fact we forgot this photo. I usually love to do leamington but this year was simply a long series of disasters to the point I am seriously wondering about bothering ever again. We did rubbish but that was cos they sent us to the end of the back of beyond. The entire festival has totally changed. Too many stalls. Rubbish set up and locations. The organisers have changed and I think it is just not as good as it usually is. I am not just talking about making money here but the entire setup. It was good cos I saw some old friends but most of them had difficulty finding us because we were the opposite end to usual. It was disappointing to say the least.
My red trousers and top. Looking at this picture much too bright. I was very hapy that morning to be doing a market again. The excitement!
I do not usually feel this bright these days sadly.

 Goldfish dress, leggings and new Asymetric poncho.
I got complaints I was too black for festival:)😀😀

I went looking for black roses for my hair but no one sold them!

I was so tired after Sunday I forgot to take the picture so had to get a catchup one here:
My fluffy jumper finally fitted in somewhere. I will keep it for festivals from now on. I nearly chicked this cos despite its exactly how I designed it and I like it it just never fitted in anywhere. then I was cold enough not tp care and I found it in the van. I forgot it was there but a really good find it seemed and actually it really works! A few people said it did btut until I saw the picturesI would never have believed it. Proves nothing you make is a disaster. You just have to find the right time and place to wear it. I wore it with my original upcycled festival dress.

Finally its Monday and I
so tired I am so glad I took today off to recover!