Thursday, 24 May 2018

#MMM18 New ladybird top from Burda Style pattern

I wore my navy trousers again. Not much to say really they are just elastic waist and very basic but OK for work in summer, but today I also wore my new ladybird fabric top which I really love.

I went looking for skull fabric but bought this instead. Yey!

Its meant to be kids fabric!

This is the same pattern as this ikea fabric top.

I love this pattern. Really though rather than make more (I have yet another yet to show you - 3 in total!) I need to start tracing patterns again. 
So my tasks next month, cos May is a bit crammed right now, is to do this FBA adjustment on the peplum jacket since I really need to learn that as well since I am now noticing the same problems on other tops so I am now believing this may be a problem on several items I already made so has to be sorted. AND trace some more tops patterns. But thats for later. 

I enjoyed this top today. Its polycotton so does not crease which is what I need for work. Its cool (abit too cool today cos it was not a warm day or maybe its the office I work in).

Tho as usual there is an error. The central part of the sleeves I cut the fabric the wrong way! It actually looks good tho I think 😊

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

#MMM days 22 and 23 and new Navy Trousers

I was not very well yesterday. Had a migraine which I rarely get and did not go to work at all all day. You would think it would be fun being off work but not with a migraine. I felt a bit better yesterday evening but not really enough to blog so again I have 2 days to tell you about. I actually wore 2 lots of me mades yesterday but did not take a photo of my first set of clothes but never mind. I went up to water the allotment yesterday evening and my other half took these. I got an Adder bite last summer when up at the allotment so tend to cover up even if its hot. It was a dry Adder bite so no poison but I may not be so lucky next time. So here is my lovely satin backed goth top with my ancient and worn camo trousers:

I changed the original buttons for bows a while back and have yet to decide which I prefer!

In fact when I got to the allotment I remembered my feet and had not worn boots so was totally paranoid I would get bit again. Needless to say we watered and left quickly.
 On the way up there I also realised my lovely Mick had worn his hangman top:

Today I finally got to wear my NEW navy trousers. These were a very quick make ( because I am seriously desperately needing some new work "bottoms" as has become very apparent this #MMM.These are made from New Look K6013 which was a very early pattern from a magazine which I bought right at the start of my adventure into clothes making. I also made one of my bugs dresses from this pattern:
The new trousers are a synthetic / linen mix fabric which does not look like it will crease too much. I am going for synthetics for work cos I hate all the ironing. Its not so bad once in a while but I do not want to spend every sunday ironing and when I am happy and actually prefer to wear creased cottons it does not work for work.

I wore my red egg shaped top with my new navy trousers:

I also made the top under it but will have to take another photo of that a different days since I forgot all about it till now!
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Monday, 21 May 2018

#MMM days 20 and 21.

Sunday went to water the allotment and wore spotty trousers
and my hoody wrap Kalinda top.

However, I have hacked this top since it was completely rubbish. It works now as a tie front top. So really today I wore two of my worst makes and both are defective in someway.
Fine when on the allotment tho!

Monday possibly cos of my rubbish wrap top I wore my new paisley front T shirt which is made from the remnant left over from that top. This one I have yet to blog about in fact but its quite a success with lettuce edges and is very pretty and nice to wear for work. Its another of my go to pattern tops from McCalls M6612. You can see a few others here:

I wore this with my recent make the Lindy Petal Skirt.

I am currently making a second one of these since it brilliant. Show you that once its finished!

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

#MMM18 Day 18 and 19 - Chiffon top with skulls and flowers

Friday I wore a new top I made from chiffon with my long suffering wide leg trousers ( again!).

It exactly the same pattern as this skull top:

I made a bit of a cock-up with this top because it frays loads so I had the idea to sew up just with the overlocker. Well a few hours in on the first day I wore it and I realised it was fraying apart at the under arms.

Its not even tight so when they say you need to sew woven fabric with a normal machine this is why. I have got away with just overlocking on tighly woven cotton fabrics but not on chiffon apparently. I ended up repairing it using a normal sewing machine and its a total bodge really. I suspect I will end up having to totally remake at some point and luckily because of the style this is actually possible due to the style and fit so I can afford to lose a small bit of fabric along the seams. Obviously being lazy I am only going to do this when I must so for now its an imperfect top but no one would know so thats fine.

I love this fabric and bought it about a year ago. I only had 1 meter so decided to make something summery. I used the same costume pattern as for my other skulls top.

 Please ignore the background mess. I was about to start planting out plants in the garden
Saturday 19th May - to be perfectly honest I started the day in old clothes cleaning out my chicken house. I do not wear anything I care about when cleaning out chickens because I get absolutely filthy and the edges of chicken wire rip clothes.

So I only wore me made for half of Saturday. Still it kind of works with the pledge because I did not say all day everyday, just every day. Or so I am going to justify to myself.
 So here is my spider top

with my brown faux leather trousers.

 And as it happens here is my partner wearing Me-Made as well.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

#MMM18 day 17

Today I wore my goldfish dress. 
I made this dress for my brother's funeral. He loved goldfish and it seemed more apt than anything else. Plain black was not for my brother Charles. 

He was only 47. He went to bed one Wednesday and never woke up on Thursday. They never found out why which makes it worse in some ways although I suppose its the best way there is to die. No pain, no fear, nothing. Anyway I cannot wear this dress without thinking of him. Perhaps going to my cousin's funeral made me think about this dress.
I have since made another dress from this fabric and still have a  small bit left but thats for another post maybe.

I also wore my tails cardigan again and despite it being quite long I reckon it works as an outfit.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

#MMM18 day 16 my new dotty top

Today I wore a top made from the same pattern as my white top and numerous others which if you are interested are listed here:

upcycled vest
white layer top
Burda style inspiration lace top
Red hoody top
Red sleeveless vest dress
Two mesh dresses - the blue one became a top
Frumps dress remade
Original frump dress

 Tho' I think the neckline came out somewhat lower on this version.

Its made from the same fabric as these trousers which did not really work as planned.

Other than the wonky seams I actually like them but they are, for definite, not as I meant to make them. 

The top is made from the small bits of fabric that were left over.

It had to have 3/4 sleeves due to lack of fabric and the fabric is slightly off straight grain to make it fit.  I think the top worked far better than the trousers!
You can see the mess I made of them here:
It is interesting that this top hangs fine ( seams are straight etc) but the trousers, which I tried very hard to make perfect came out wonky as if I had not cut on straight grain. I cut then so carefully and I have, since making, wondered if my fabric, which was an end of roll remnant, was already stretched out of straight so when I cut it.

Could it have reverted to where it should lie after cutting hence making my new trousers go all wonky?
Well maybe it was me, but I did spend a lot of time lining up etc.

Still you win some, lose some.
 The top pattern is McCalls M6612 which I actually somehow bought (or got sent!) by accident.

I certainly never intended to buy this pattern but I have made loads of tops and dresses from it so a very happy accident indeed.

I wore it with my navy wide leg trousers made here:
I really love these trousers but they are much too thin for most of the year - real lightweight summer trousers.
Unfortunately this Me Made May I seem to be finding I HAVE to wear the same stuff over and over so its become very obvious I need to make more skirts and trousers.

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Monday, 14 May 2018

Sunday, 13 May 2018

#MMM18 day 13

So my conclusion of this #MMM18 so far is I should have said my pledge was to wear a top and bottom, two tops and not simply two items cos when its hot and you wear a dress, so one item, but both top and bottom, it only counts as one. It should I reckon count as 2 but never mind. Its England and I probably need a jacket anyway so had to use my upcycled camo jacket as one item. I also wore my overdyed (so upcycled) leggings.

So today upcycled camo jacket ( cost £1 but had some damage on the bits where the insignia used to go so I added some ribbons).
And my lovely blue dress. Its a bit crumpled. I never bothered to iron and straight out of the chest I use to store summer clothing in winter and scarves etc in summer. 

Only on a Sunday can I dress like this!

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Friday, 11 May 2018

#MMM18 Gothic Friday 11th May

Today is finally the end of the week. It always seems like a very long week when you have a Bank Holiday Monday. This is weird really cos its actually a four day long week but it does always seem longer.

Anyway I ended my week having a slightly gothic day which is unusual since this really is not how I am expected to look at work.

And I got away with it!

We had to pack up and leave our office for a week while they redecorate so I will be a homeless, deskless employee next week hanging out in one of the on-site cafes. Still its only for a week.

Lots of my office were quite casual today though so no one said anything about my slightly unusual non-corporate work dress. I did wear boring dark grey RTW trousers tho so quite toned down.

I liked this outfit.

Mesh top here:

Top underneath it here:

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

New fashion top from a costume pattern, #MMM18 day 10

 I bought the fabric I made this top from back in July last year when I was given some money for my birthday. Its a very cheap poly cotton from an Ebay seller. It cost me about £4 a meter including postage and I bought 2 meters. This is a the blue design. I also bought the red but have yet to use that. Its still on Ebay but the price has gone up. This was sold in July as Halloween fabric!

I used a costume pattern for the top which has a generic "Carmen" or gypsy top. There are loads of costume patterns available with this kind of design of top. They are often very cheap when the sellers have a sale. This was half price or less so about £2-3. Compared with a fashion pattern for the same design of top, costume patterns are usually a bit cheaper. You have to see what the drawing is rather than look at the packet the pattern comes in. The elastic casing is just white satin ribbon which I bought as a job lot somewhere and until now could not find a use for. I like it better than using black for a summer top regardless of the fabric being skulls.

This was a very quick make with the edges being just rolled on the overlocker - which worked fine on this woven despite it playing up n the white top I made! You can read about that disaster here:

Anyway bearing in mind this style of top is currently around on the high street for about £20-£28, I reckon its a great success. Perhaps I should stick with easy makes😊.

Seriously, I am not going to do that. I have a bit of FBA to sort out soon else I will not be making any more fitted clothes, but its tempting to just make easy stuff. I do need to continue to challenge myself.

I wore it with my well worn wide leg trousers ( again!). Must make some new trousers.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

#MMM18 day 9

Dazzled by the sun again!
 Me made cullotes which have gone through a bit of an overhaul since I made them. I hated the original version:

With my mixed media black top from The Monthly Stitch Stash Smash challenge:
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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Lindy Petal skirt, white lace trimmed top, #MMM18 day 8

I downloaded and even printed the Lindy Petal skirt pattern probably 5 years ago and never got round to putting it together. Finally I not only taped all those pages but also made it. Partly I am spurred on by #MMM18 since I have no "bottoms" or not enough that I can wear for work and partly because I aimed back at the start of 2018 to make more work clothes.

So this weekend I got round to making this skirt and this top. The top is not a great success but I love the skirt. I think I would shorten it slightly for play but for work its great. Its made from the cheapest nastiest coral coloured polyester crepe and then the top layer is a nice but pale pink lace. I could not see what I would make from either fo these when they arrived ( Ebay purchases). I do not go in for pink much and especially pale pink. Lace I love but other than knickers I could nto thik what to do with this. Then after all my recent disasters I decided to be sensible and use fabric I do not care about. Initially this was going to be a single layer of the coral crepe but after cutting and trying against me for size I decided to add a top layer of lace. And I really like the finished effect. Just shows what a cheap bit of fabric can be turned into really. I simply overlocked the edge of the lace and left it.

 The top pattern is McCalls M6612. However I used two layers of another very cheap nasty fabric. I think its meant to be a stretch lining fabric so I got the idea - 90s style to layer it cos its a bit like that thick mesh that tops in the 90s were often made from.  I used the second layer to make a lovely neckline and will line more tops in future like this. Then the idea was to do rolled edges on the sleeves and hem.

Thats where it all went wrong! My overlocker which I damaged a few weeks agonow was having none of that. I lost loads off the edge of the sleeves trying again and again to get a rolled edge only to give in and use my old cheat technique of adding stretch lace. Thats not perfect either. I have a small ladder on the inside of one sleeves but for about £2 including lace, fabric and thread its going to give me a new top even if it will not last long. I reckon I will get a summer out of this and thats good enough.
  So this was a good weekend's sewing and I did feel good having a  whole new outfit to wear to work today.

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