Monday, 16 October 2017

Multi Media T shirts - TMS October 2017 Stash Mash

I am a bit late blogging this week since am enjoying this months challenge. Smashing my Stash is a brilliant way to update my wardrobe for winter - fast!

I seem to have fabric and patterns everywhere in little piles with patterns on top while I work out what to do with what. Sooooo exciting!

So what to use from my stash next? I was at the hospital the other day and noticed there were several people wearing long sleeved T shirts with mesh sleeves. Well I like!

So I cut out 4 different tops - all from my stash. I have not had time to make them all as yet but these are the first two. So challengwise, first heres my pink scuba and big mesh sleeved top.

Stashwise heres the pink top:

Stash Smash Project Points
Pink scubaMeters Used0-1 m5 pointsYardage magician
Stash Time2-3 years25  pointslike fine wine
Preciousness10 pointsI like it but won’t cry if it’s a fail
Black wide meshMeters Used0-1 m5 pointsYardage magician
Stash Time2 months10  pointsBuried under new pretties
Preciousness10 pointsI like it but won’t cry if it’s a fail
POINTS TOTAL:65 points 

Then I made this black version using some 4 way stretch black silky fabric which I have made a nice top from previously so I know I like wearing this as a top and in this version I used black powermesh for the sleeves. It is hard to see in the photos but the sleeves are slightly transparent.

 These are both made from Butterick 5562 View D which I have owned for ages but never used. I really bought this pattern for the different sleeves variations but have ended up using the ordinary non- gathered, non-puffed sleeve and missed off the wide cowl neck as well. Its got a very nice boat shaped neckline which I love and is more wintery somehow than my more used T shirt patterns.

 For the black T shirt stashwise:

Stash Smash Project Points
Black silky fabric Meters Used 0-1 m 5 points Yardage magician
Stash Time 2-3 years 25  points like fine wine
Preciousness 10 points I like it but won’t cry if it’s a fail
Black powermesh Meters Used 0-1 m 5 points Yardage magician
Stash Time 2-3 years 25  points like fine wine
Preciousness 10 points I like it but won’t cry if it’s a fail
POINTS TOTAL: 80 points 

I have previously made other projects from most of this fabric which will make for nice "outfits" though to be honest I very rarely wear outfits really. In reality, I find things work best mix and matching rather than wearing as "suits".

In case you want to see though the pink scuba type fabric leggings are here:

I used the black reverse of this fabric on the side stripes for this look which I have not bothered with in my new top.

and the black silky fabric has previously made some yoga pants here:

and a top here:

Oh and I nearly forgot this top here made from the powermesh:

I suppose this is the good / or bad side to bulk buying fabric. You end up with lots of items made from the same materials and although they do "go" together often you do not want to wear them that way.
Well I am very much enjoying this months challenge. What to make next?

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bright Red Cropped Hoody - YSR, TMS October Stash Smash challenge


I saw Dr T's post a while ago now with this Mimi G pattern (below right). 
I quite like this pattern but what struck me most was the similarity to this free pattern from Your Style Rocks (YSR) ( below left).

There is a definite similarity though don't you think?

The YSR pattern has been around for ages now but the New Season Simplicity  pattern from Mimi G is new. The Mimi G pattern is Simplicity 8392.
So I recognised this pattern. Of course I have no idea who the original designer was. Maybe it was Mimi G herself.  Or maybe she was inspired by the YSR pattern. Who Knows but this YSR pattern is free, is definitely old, 2012 I think, even if this design is New Season to Simplicity.

AND I have owned it for ages. So I decided its time I made it.

As I understand it YSR were a collective who had competitions. The contestants designed an outfit to fit whatever the challenge was that season.

Then the people who used to run YSR would make and grade the patterns which you could then, and can now, at time of me writing this still  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.
I used to visit and admire but never entered the competitios. Until now despite having downloads of most of the YSR patterns I still have not made one.

No idea why but I think there were two people behind YSR but from memory thats how it was. They did state they were not a pattern company, they just ran the site and competitions for fun. There are lots of competition entries well worth a look although the patterns were mostly never made but they are still quite a few free patterns here and going by my results with this one I shall finally get round to making the rest of them.

I really liked the Mimi G version because I currently need a sweatshirt or cardigan but am after something a bit different but that I can wear for everyday life as well as dressing up. The only sweatshirt fabric in my stash is some bright red brushed back fabric of unknown fibre.  It wears well though because I have worn these trousers regularly and they are still going:

So this is a nice pattern.

This also fits in with the current October Monthly Stitch Challenge and I have been a bit quiet and missed lots of challenges recently. Since I have had the fabric for two and a half years and the pattern since 2012 its kind of a double stash buster.

So using the TMS Stash smash table: 
Stash Smash Project Points
Meters Used 1 -3 m 10 points Chipping away
Stash Time 2-3 years 25  points like fine wine
Preciousness 10 points  I like it but won't cry if it’s a fail
POINTS TOTAL: 45 points


The YSR version seems more elf-like than sportswear although both are really the same thing.The clasp was an inspiration. Mimi G uses a zip which could also work here although would alter the construction. The YSR version uses hook and eyes. I was thinking originally of the kind of hooks and eyes you use on fur coats because I know I have some but then I found this old belt buckle and some red velvet ribbon. Ideally it should have been sewn into the front seam but I never though about using this and did not want to risk recking this lovely top by undoing overlocked seams so I folded it over on itself to give a neat edge and used a zipper foot to sew to the inside. Not perfect by any means but I think its fine for a first attempt at this.

 I used an overlocker for most of the sewing but did the fiddly bits on the bottom from using a normal sewing machine. I stitched in the ditch along the outside shoulder seams to keep the inside facing lying down.

This is the messy inside where I used three bits of red velvet ribbon to secure my belt buckle to the front neck. It looks good and is unusual but does keep dropping open if I lean forwards. Means to wear this I must stay standing upright! 😊

In case you were wondering this magnificent creature is Emily who is a very long lived chicken. She has not laid eggs in years but who cares. She a part of the family:

She hates cameras and was about to attack here.
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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Wrap Trousers 11/2016 #106


I decided to make yet another item form the Burda 11/2016 magazine.
No idea why but its my go-to mag for just about everything it seems.
I cut these out back in January and it took absolutely ages to work out what was going on with them. In the end I got up at 3am because I could not sleep cos it was bugging me why they just would not work. They kept going together all twisted. Well, as usual the Burda instructions are wrong.

Well its because the line drawing is wrong!

Or at least by missing out the outside back yoke I made these work.

So maybe its me but I reckon the line drawing is wrong.

Who knows?

Burda gets you to do the darts, front pleats and then the inside leg seams. Well fine to here but then I just could not work out the waistband. I unpicked the outside legs must have been 4 times over a period of several months and kept just giving up and making something else.

So there I am at 03:00 and I cannot sleep and I have light-bulb moment when it hits me!
 If you miss out the back yoke, but still use the inside part, you have a facing for the back. So my trousers have a lovely wrap-over front with yoke and inside facing and a plain back (no yoke) and inner facing. 
Back with no yoke but with inner facing
It means you have 2 extra bits cut out that form the two halves of the outer back yoke as shown in line drawings that actually you do not need.

The pattern also says to use an invisible zip. That was my original excuse not to finish them, back in January, because I did not have one. Then I bought 3 but ended up using them for these trousers I made.
So still I did not get round the finishing these.
But summer is over and its starting to feel cold and my trousers made using these zips are not warm enough so I need to finish these and I decided stuff it I will finish them and use a normal zip. Its actually recycled from something years ago but is a perfectly good zip despite being second hand.

Lapped side zip
Side zip
And suddenly everything lines up, the legs are not twisted and these trousers are not only finished but they are very usual and I love wearing them. The massive pockets are a dream for slouching around and for keys, phone etc. So they are definitely not quite like the Burda pattern but they do work.


These are lovely warm, slouchy, but smart trousers,  but I did feel they were a little OTT when I wore them to work. Someone did comment on them and I would rather be ordinary at work. So I think these will be really nice weekend trousers despite being made from suiting which normally I would avoid for my days off.

Still that's the point of making your own clothes.

You change the rules and make it fun.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Goth graveyard lace T shirt

I bought this fabric some time ago with some money I was given for my birthday. Well what else do you do with money?
Its kind of the right time of year for this (as in its nearly Halloween) although I bought it to do this in July. But I wear this kind of stuff all year round. You can buy the fabric here

Its a very 1980s style square T shirt similar to these tops I made using a Burda draft it yourself pattern so its a very easy, fast to make top which is what I need this week because I am stressing out over my corrections.

There is one pattern here:

There are a few variations of this pattern on various Burda sites with short and long sleeves and Hi-Lo hemlines but they are all basically the same pattern.

My previous versions of this top are here:
and here:
and here:
if you do want to have a read.

Yes, I really do like both making and wearing this pattern!

Really though you do not need a pattern for this. You need about a meter if making the short sleeved version. Cut it wide if the fabric has limited stretch like lace. Its two identical rectangles for front and back and two more for the sleeves.

Slightly shape the front neck if you want to. Or if you want wide and off the shoulders look you do not need to shape. If you add a neck edge like I did here you need a strip long enough to go round where you want the neck to be.

To make: sew one shoulder, sew on neck, then sew the other shoulder and the neck as one long line of stitching. Then add the sleeves. Sew up the side seams and hem or not as you wish.

Sorted! One basic baggy Tshirt.

If you have stretch lycra or even 100% stretch cotton jersey you can make them tighter. I overlocked the hems just to neaten but you could add another strip at each hem if you wanted so its a bit more Tshirt-like.

 I had my viva on 12th and have absolutely loads of corrections to get done in 3 months. If I do not do it I will not get my PhD and having studied for nearly 4 years I want it. It is making it difficult to keep up with my blogging though.

I have not done anything to my shirt dress this week as yet but will post about it once I do the cuffs and button holes. The previous posts are here:

So what is there to say really about this project?

It was fast - took about an hour including working out the best way to cut it out. My lace has a direction - otherwise I could end up with upside down skeletons!
I added a strip of the same fabric for a T shirt type neck rather than just overlock it like the previous versions. I still just overlocked the hem and sleeves but I think this will get worn a lot and not just for Halloween. I absolutely love this fabric which is from Ebay ( link at the top of page) if you do want to buy some. Very affordable and came really fast. there are two colourways as well. It would actually make a very nice scarf but I wanted a lace T shirt that I can wear over black slip dresses or tuck into trousers. A success I think

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Shirt dress part 2

I have not done very much to this since my last post. Life just got in the way but if you are reading this then you probably read my previous post.

All I have done so far this week is attach the collar. I did this three times trying to get an even collar. Lots of frustrating unpicking!

Then finally it went together. Looks good thinks me.

What do you think? 
Have you seen the MASSIVE ERROR?

 I have not got a placket for a button hole!


So thats something to do better next time anyway. This is meant to be a learning shirt so a muslin but I was hoping to be able to actually wear it as well. As it happens yes I still can. It is just now meant to have an open neck not a proper shirt neck.

Well the whole point is to learn I suppose!

So since making this big error I kind of gave up for a bit and then life was rather hectic etc etc.

When I came back to sewing which is a bit later than usual this week, I made my black top instead since it was supposed to be easy and winter is coming and I think that will be a great top for winter.

It was easy to make but not quick!

I mean I can see Halloween, Christmas, parties..........................just vary how I wear this. If you want to read more about my black top thats here:

So back to my shirt:

I have pinned the cuffs into place and put pleats in at approximately where they should be.

I cannot say much more yet. I will try to make time to continue sewing this later today.

First though I have lots of other boring stuff ( like cleaning, cooking, washing etc) that I just have to do.

And I need to press this collar and button stand to make it flat enough for making button holes.

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