Monday, 5 September 2016

Gingham along jacket update

 My jacket is coming along very slowly. Not because I have no time to make it but because I really need to be careful because I have not made anything this challenging for very many years.

This is the side view - worn by Harriet

You can just see the gingham pocket lining at the bottom left of the picture.
The back view with frill and the Front view

Facings you interface and overlock along the long side. I am just hoping I have this bit right!
The pattern says to sew up the side seams so I have done so but usually I do the sleeve seams and side seams at the same time for neatness so I am assuming the sleeve seams do not align with the side seams. I hope so anyway else its all getting more difficult than it needs to be. I have to do the collar ruffles next and attach them and then the front facings and put in the sleeves. Then just do the closures. I say "just" but really I suspect this will be one of the most difficult bits!

Hopefully I will get this finished for the 13th September. Its getting a bit close now. I also still have to put the waistband on my gingham leggings!

Thanks for reading and come back soon for the rest of this garment which I hope to finish by next week. 

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