Monday, 11 April 2016

28: Bug Dress and Mesh Top

I made this dress some time ago now from Ikea bugs fabric. I have never worn it till today. I decided to wear this at last since it seems such a shame to just leave it hanging in my wardrobe. I am also gaining confidence now that the clothes I am making will be wearable and not just fall to pieces once I step out of the house.

Its a basic shift dress with front and back darts. You can see it better here:

It is meant to have an invisible zip but I used a recycled one from another garment so its a normal zip in this dress not an invisible one and to be honest I do not yet kow how to put in an invisible zip. Its on my "to learn" list. I think it was a pattern which I got free with some sewing magazine or other. Possibly with Prima because I bought it for a while just for the free patterns before I discovered Burda which I think is much better value for money. I do not tend to buy "women's" magazines normally and am more likely to shed out my cash for a gardening mag but I do like Burda in recent years.

Anyway this was the very first dress I have made in about 25 years so I think it was quite an achievement. I also made it on a very dodgy old sewing machine which kept losing tension whilst making this. I have a better machine now.

I also made this mesh top: 

Its a kind of lacey ladder design mesh which you can see a bit better here:

It is made in the same way as my:
7: Dark navy top with a step by step tutorial guide to making
so has overlocked edges and hems and is really easy to make but surprisingly warm. I expect its that "string vest" effect where string fabrics are meant to make you warmer by trapping the air in the holey bits.

I think it goes quite well with my Bugs Dress. Means I can wear it on these nice spring days we have been having recently. My dress is a bit too summery really but with an extra layer it is far more wearable.

Thanks for reading. Hope you come back again soon,

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