Thursday, 28 April 2016

Leather coat - inspiration. The power of teens.

I am still serious about this authenic-ness or should that be authenticity of being. Whichever!
I am still analysing my own style. Or what I percieve as my own style and as a result am also tempted to attempt to make this or something very similar:

Steampunk trench:
I would not bother with the bondage straps across the back but I really like this jacket. Loads of details and could give me a serious challenge. I reckon I have enough fabric, I just need to bodge together two patterns I already own and be a bit creative with my faux leather before I use it all up on small projects. I could see myself wearing something like this but I simply could not justify the expense of buying it. Maybe 30 years ago when I was an extravagant teenager but not now. It is funny really how you have a higher income as an adult to that of a teen but you do not really have the spending power a teen does simply because by the time you earn more you have rent or mortgage to pay, bills to pay, other people who depend upon you not messing it all up. Really, when you are a teenager, that is when you are weathiest in your entire life. Or so it was for me. I just wish I had realised it then.
I also have some other similar coats saved to my pinterest page:
multi faux leather?:    steampunk:
The first is actually more practical then my dream design above since it fastens up all the way down where-as the top one just does up to the waist. The last coat is basically just a pirate costume and there are lots of patterns for them around like this one:

SIMPLICITY SEWING PATTERN Misses Pirate Costumes  SIZE 6 - 20 3677The coat in this pattern looks quite simple to make but again only does up to the waist.  So what I really want to make is a fusion of the three styles.

So what do I want to make here:
  • I do want it to fasten up all the way down if possible.
  • I like the military looking top of the first pattern
  • I want the back pleats similar to the top jacket 
  • I want to use faux leather
  • I have very little black faux leather so it has to be green leather because I have about 5-6m of that
  • I could have trims done in red or black leather

 I am intending to have a go at making this jacket as soon as I finish making my cullottes: 23: Khaki cullottes
Yes I know I started them ages ago. I just seem to keep getting side tracked into making something else.

To be continued

Thanks for reading and come back soon for how I will make this coat.

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