Wednesday, 5 October 2016

67: Upcycled velvet skirt

I made this very simple skirt from a quite old velvet slip dress. I never wear the dress but have kept it because I love the fabric. I was attempting to make space in my wardrobe when I came accross this and a few other items which I keep but never wear so decided rather than throw it away I should really do something to make this a bit more wearable. All I did really was chop it off and attach the skirt to wide elastic. It was all serged so a very easy project. The end result a short velvet/ velour skirt I will actually wear. It looks great with a basic grey sweatshirt as well as with the bright orange top I made here.

Having made this with something that has been hanging around possibly for about ten years I intend to have a serious wardrobe clearout now and see what else can be altered to become more wearable.
Of course that does not actually make any wardrobe space but I do get some "new" clothes for very little effort!

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