Wednesday, 19 October 2016

69: upcycled black velvet pencil skirt

This skirt started out as a £5 dress made from cheap stretch velvet bought from Asda in a Christmas/January sale. As a cheapo going out dress for New Year it was ok when I had nothing to wear but is far from comfortable and never fitted well. Chop the top off though and it becomes a wearable pencil skirt for very little effort. I am getting into upcycling things into velvet skirts at the moment it seems. You can see the last one here: 67: Upcylced velvet skirt.
They make for a very fast easy addition to my wardrobe and I am slowly getting rid of badly fitting RTW and either throwing it out ( in the direction of charity shops) or if the fabric is nice upcycling into new stuff I actually like to wear. I love the term upcycling! A few years ago now when I was younger people looked down on using old clothing to make something new. I am so glad the world has moved on because it is and always has been a complete waste to throw clothing away.  And why not change something you do not want into something you love especially when it is fast and easy to do?

 You can see the join in the eleastic which I placed at one side in the left photo.

All I really did was chop the top off my very basic vest dress, sew some wide elastic together in a circle to fit my waist and then overlock my elastic to the cut edge of the skirt.
I think possibly I should have made the waist elastic a little smaller but it is very comfortable as it is so I am happy with it.

I was toying with adding a stretch lace edge to the hem but I seem to have been adding black lace to everything recently so managed to resist. I may yet add it later though!

I really like this skirt and have found it very wearable. Possibly that is down to it being black velvet and a pencil skirt as well so kind of classic.

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