Thursday, 23 March 2017

90: Quick Kimona Jacket

This top was made from a second hand scarf / pashmina. I actually started to make this at least 5 years ago. At that time I used my caravan as a sewing room but in winter it became too cold. I gave up on this ages ago and it just got stashed with - well my stash of fabric. The only reason I got it out was because I decided to oil my overlocker since it was sounding a bit laboured. I was worried about over oiling since I have done this before and it might ruin something I actually want so I decided to use this as scrap to practice on. Well once sewing I just carried on and there was no oil to worry about. And once together it seems a shame not to finish it so I used beige satin floristry ribbon which I bought from somewhere ages ago I have no idea what it was for and its just sat there for ages. Beige is not a favourite colour so why I bought it I have no idea but it was perfect for this since it picks up some of the pattern on the fabric. Its actually a lovely embroidered fabric. So quite by accident really I have made a summer jacket/top. I am surprisingly taken with this. I have never bought or made a kimono before. so its a good addition as well and it gets rid of some stashed fabric!

I am still experimenting right now how to wear this but it looks good with a belt as above or just tied with ribbons as here:


I regret not putting an extra set of ribbon ties on it though but since they were sewn into the edge I have decide to leave it at that. I do not think my ribbon edging would survive being unpicked and re-sewn so its better just left alone.

 For four squares of fabric I was going to scrap it turned out pretty good. I just should have shaped the neck a bit better but then you can't have it all ways!
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