Thursday, 2 March 2017

86: Black and yellow leggings and 87: Sports top

  I really wanted to have a go at making some sports type of clothing. This is yet another pair of Butterick 5788 leggings pattern.

You can see the other versions here: and here:

This time I have used stretch black lace over fluorescent green/yellow with black lycra for the main back and front centre panels.

The top is not a sportswear pattern but I did not own any so I used Butterick 6134. The top as you can see here is meant to have a funnel neck which I was quite keen on but things did not quite turn out as planned.

 Image result for Butterick 6134

I scrapped the first top and made a second, because the first example came out all twisted. Unfortunately after getting it all together reasonably well ( its still not perfect but its wearable), I realised the front had a fault in the lace just below the neck. Well you cannot really have a more noticable place to have a problem so what to do?

You can see here how bad it was and no way could I get away with just leaving it. So, I carefully cut a lower neckline and still managed to keep the back neck higher than the front. I am quite pleased with myself about this hack in fact since usually I would make a mess of something like this but it worked really evenly.

I cut it lower and added a strip of faux leather which is an offcut from a different project. It works quite well and I think gives nice touch.

This is the back view. I think its acceptable though maybe I should have made the ankles a bit tighter. The leggings are kind of trouser-y rather than dancewear-y. I wore this just once so far and despite it being freezing and snowy on Saturday it was lovely and cosy. Also I have not yet seen anything like this outfit in any high street shops which makes me very happy when I am wearing it!

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