Thursday, 10 August 2017

Navy blue work trousers from Burda 7122 and a second black pair as well!

Well I have not got very far with making a new wardrobe for my man. I have, however, made yet another 2 pairs of Burda 7122 trousers for work. These blue trousers are 4-way stretch cotton ( I think!) from an end of roll off Ebay. Cost 99p for about 3m so seriously cheap. Downside, when I washed these is they have to be ironed. They crease something rotten so no easy work clothes here. For summer though they are brilliant cos the fabric is more a shirt weight than a trouser weight. I made these knowing that though because it has been very hot and muggy and all my work-worthy trousers are just too thick for the weather. Once ironed these look smart enough though the colour reminds me of school uniform but whatever! These are nice.

Then I made another pair- these are from the same fabric as the first pair here - or at least I believe it is the same fabric as the first pair:

Again from a very cheap remnant/end of roll off Ebay. Although this pair were a bit of a risk in that I made one leg piece from the rest of what was left from the first pair and then the other three leg bits are made from the two bits of fabric I bought at the same time as I bought

the fabric for that pair so I was a bit unsure if the fabric was exactly the same but it did look the same and they worked out Ok and I am happy with them. It all came from the same seller. I cannot even in daylight see any difference in colour, texture or anything else so I think the seller was just listing them separately to get as much money as possible. My three pairs of work trousers cost me just under £3 for fabric and the cost of 3 invisible zips ( about £4 for them) also from Ebay although the quality of my invisible zips is pretty poor so I may end up having to replace them at some point. Still for now its pretty good cos at last I have bearable clothes for work.

As you can see despite me shortening the pattern by 3 inches so about 7cm and still doing a wide hem they are still a bit long for me if worn with flat shoes so at some point soon I will have to sort that out else I will end up with a 90's style frayed hem dragging on the floor with me walking on the bottom of them all the time. Both of these pairs of trousers are a size smaller than the first pair I made and fit me much better. They are also much better made and finished and I made both pairs in about an hour and a half - not including cutting out time. I am getting into this idea of making several items from one pattern now. It certainly does improve the finish of what I make and make it far more RTW-ish.

Also before I finish writing this blog post I really need to brag about something. When I wore my navy trousers to work, I also wore this top:
And people I work with thought I bought it. I did not tell them I made it. That really made me happy because some of my early clothes definitely would NOT pass for RTW at all.

Overall though I am happy with my work clothes experiment so far. I now need some nice tops.

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