Saturday, 17 October 2015

Player with my serger - learning to use my Janome 8002DX.

In order to attempt my project which is to make 100 garments I need to first do several things.

The first is to learn to use my new overlocker or serger. To be honest I am unsure what is the difference between an overlocker or a serger if there is any difference. Maybe its just down to your location in the world as to what it is known as. Or is there a difference?
Well mine is a Janome 8002DX.

I started just finding scraps of fabric and overlocking the edges.  I had some left over scraps of upholstery fabrics so decided to attempt to make them into something. The first were two tea towels. For these first I made a hanging loop since I love Ikea towels due to them having an extra loop which makes hanging them up easy. I serged the selvedge edge for this to make a very basic strip of fabric and then attached this to an edge of the bigger rectangle of curtain fabric. Hopefully you can see from the following photo:

I also used several bits of velvet type of offcuts to make place mats since we need some to protect the table:

This is a very small project but I really feel like I achieved something here.
Or I did until my lovely man said the curtain fabric was probably Scotchguarded so would not work a a tea towel!

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