Friday, 27 November 2015

Top preparations - piping

I want to use this Butterick pattern to make a warm top. I need to make it fast because I have been very cold this week. I have some black quilted fabric similar to sweatshirt fabric but with diamond quilting.
I decided I wanted to use some reflective fabric I have for the piping on my quilted top on the raglan sleeves, but I was unsure exactly how to make it because I have not done this in about 15-20 years. I found an excellent explanation here:

I used nylon string and cut my fabric on the bias.

To make piping:
First, measure how much piping you are going to need. Then add a bit on to that measurement. I added about 10cm or 2" to each end so about 20 cm (4") in total.
Cut your strips of piping fabric on the bias so they are as wide as your string plus the seam allowance of about 1.5cm then double this. Fold over your fabric and ideally you iron it in half. I couldn't do this due to using waterproof plastic coated fabric which the iron would have melted. That made the whole job a bit harder.

Put the string inside your folded fabric. Sew close to your string using a zipper foot and hold the fabric tight as you do this. You should end up with home made piping in the fabric of your choice.

Unfortunately I did not take a good photo of my finished piping but you can see it in the next post when I make my top.
Thanks for reading and hope you come back soon

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