Tuesday, 3 November 2015

2: Remodelled fairy/halloween dress part 2

The fairy dress finally got finished the day before Halloween. Only then I decided it was too pretty - or not ghoulish enough for a Halloween party so wore something else instead. Anyway the final dress is actually the original short dress with a petticoat or slip under it. It seemed the most sensible way to finish this project since then I can still wear the short version with leggings and a bike jacket but can also wear it as a fairy dress for next summer's festivals.

So here are the photos:

This is how it started after my first post

 And this is what I ended up making it look like:

The slip/petticoat is simply a layer of navy blue mesh which has been spliced quite roughly to give it a zigzag hem, over a satin layer which again is zigzagged and under it all is the chifon layer which was the top layer of the original dress before I decided to start hacking and sabeurtaging it into this new creation. I left the hemline of the chiffon intact. The waistband is made from the original lining fabric and has 1 inch wide elastic in it and is all simply overlocked together.

I love it. Now I just need some wings!

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