Sunday, 1 May 2016

Me-Made-May Challenge Day 1

Today is the first day of the ME MADE MAY challenge which I signed up to and here I am wearing my me-made tartan leggings - also found here:10: Tartan leggings
Me- made raglan sleeved top from free pattern - also found here:
25: Comparing the free raglan sleeved T shirt patterns available on the internet
and my Me-made hand knit slip-over made from vegan recycled silk sari-yarn I bought online from a seller in New Zealand. I searched and searched for this because most of this kind of yarn is actually made from proper silk. This is Rayon silk so synthetic and vegan. This was hard to knit because the yarn kepts falling appart whilst knitting. Also it occassionally still splits and falls appart whilst wearing so although its a lovely idea to recycle Saris like this it does not really work well and knitting this stuff is horrible. Thats why I never did sleeves. I still have some of this yarn left so may find a use for it eventually. Maybe the real silk stuff is better but somehow I think probably its exactly the same.

Good thing its a Sunday because I think this particular mix of clothing is a bit bright for my working life and having gone through my me-made stuff I am thinking I may have a bit of a problem with everyday clothing for this challenge since everything I make, just about, is bright and my bought RTW clothing is much more neutral and "boring"! Might end up mixing them together yet to get a wearable working outfit. Still onwards to the challenge............

Thanks for visiting my blog, Bracken

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