Thursday, 16 February 2017

73: Redcoat part 3 - I hate it!

I started to make a new coat a few weeks ago. To be honest with Christmas I found loads of distractions so it is was not going very fast at all. I seem to be making party clothes in preference to this. Partly its down to finding excuses to make party clothing instead. And Christmas fairies for the tree! See here and here for more on these.

All I have done so far is pin my bottom coat bits to my top bodice bits and cut out my lining.
Then I have spent all of January just looking at it.
I  obviously need to ensure all my seams join at all the right points so this is my reason for taking so long over this bit.

But the trouble is I hate it!!!

It all lines up etc.

But I just do not see me wearing it!

What a pain!

I think really I do not like the waist seam and if I was making a long coat which obviously was my intention when I cut it out I would prefer to have more smooth lines with less seams from top to bottom. I do like princess seams but I don't like this.

I just hate to waste expensive fabric. Or even cheap fabric for that matter. Well I do have more of this fabric so it occurs to me that this coat pattern also has 3 other views. One of which is the view  bought it for.
I could re-use all but the skirt pieces and use the same lining bits but just cut some peplum skirt bits from the rest of my fabric which I believe I will have enough of.

My lining bits

Image result for burda peplum jacketThis is what I am seriously thinking of making because I love it. I bought the pattern for this jacket but then decided to make the coat but I really think I would wear this. In fact this pattern is what got me interested in Burda.

My only concern is if my fabric is a bit too thick for it. Red velvet sounds OK though. This is actually upholstery fabric so very chunky. But it might work and I have already wasted half of it if I do not finish this so onwards I go................

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