Monday, 6 February 2017

84: Burda style weird sleeved top

  I am doing lots of writing at the moment. As in typing rather than pen and paper. My PhD funding runs out start of March so I need to finish now and get it submitted.  Anyway the room I do the majority of my typing in is often quite cold. What I wanted was something I can wear on top of whatever else I put on and keep warm whilst I write and write and write. What I needed was a blanket that I can wear. I fancied making this top anyway as soon as I saw it.

Its quirky enough to appeal to me and supposedly an easy pattern. Its yet another item from Burda Style November 2016, style 108. Well I said already in a previous post that for some reason I am obsessed by that particular magazine!

This is in fact really an easy pattern or would have been if I had thought about it rather than follow Burda's as usual flawed instructions - I will learn eventually! The neckline straps and the back facing can actually all be sewn at once which I didn't suss out till afterwards.

I do not like the back facing because despite fiddling around with it, it simply does not work. Maybe that's because I used fleece. Who knows? It catches and pulls up all the time. It is not that it does not lay properly when lying flat on a table because it does so could be my fabric choice. I also think the way this dress/ top is constructed is not just a bit weird but very amateurish.

This is made from two very cheap Ikea blankets. The cheapest Ikea sell in fact. I think they were £4.00 each. You do need to be very careful though when cutting out in electric lighting because its even harder than usual to tell which side is the right side. In daylight its obvious so if you use these for anything cut out in the daytime.
Its all overlocked except I never bothered to finish the edges since it will not fray. Its twin needle hemmed. Took probably about 2 hours including tracing time.

Of course it would look a million times better if I had been wearing something different under it rather than my raglan top, but there - this is my real life. And it was made mainly as a jumper to keep me warm while writing rather than to wear out down the pub.

 If I make another one I intend to use the front pattern piece for both the front and back because I think it would look better but that's just my own personal taste maybe. I would make it again but possibly as a T-shirt rather than a jumper. However it does work and it keeps me lovely and toasty. Well except for my feet!

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