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85: Simplicity 1772 dress

Image result for simplicity 1772I have had Simplicity 1772 for ages. It was one of the first patterns I bought. From a wear-ability point of view I probably should have made the shorter version of this dress but I rarely have enough fabric to make the full length dress so I went for the longer length one instead. This is a green ribbed synthetic lycra that I bought ages ago in a sale and was about £3.00 from what I remember. The stretch lace was more expensive at £6 for 2m but I only needed a small amount so not the end of the world. I have more lace to play with later.

I ended up changing the hem to a high low hem anyway because I would otherwise be treading on the front as I walked.

As you can see the back has ended up with a train! I do not mind this but it will mean I do not wear this outside in winter!

We are intending to check out a Steampunk market at Sandbach in April ( I think its April) so I made this to wear there. Should be a  fun day out I think.

I am not short at 5 foot 7 inches but the model in the pattern packet must be much taller than me because there is meant to be a wider frill on the hem as well! I had to make the skirt a bit narrower since my fabric was not the width required by the pattern. I don't think it actually matters though since the dress resembles the pattern quite well after all.

I am not sure what my fabric actually did measure because I never measured it but the pattern pieces were too wide so I tucked the pattern and made the skirt narrower.
The dress is meant to have small buttons down the CB and stretch braid round the back and front neckline but I did not have any braid so I missed that out. I think it works well anyway.

Though next time, if I ever make a second one I would cut the CB lace insert on the fold and remove the CB seam I think because there is absolutely no reason for it unless you do what the pattern says and have small buttons down the back. I may add these but am currently undecided. I do not think it will add much and may make it less comfortable to wear. This is actually the reverse of the fabric which makes it a bit darker green. Though probably you could use it either way. There is a stretch narrow lace edge all round the hem, sleeve edges and neckline.

I had some serious issues with tunnelling on the hems from twin needle stitching which I never sorted so there is a very imperfect edge.

This is close up of my sleeve where you can see the stretch lace and the lace edging which is also stretch.
 And here you can see my neckline with lace edge

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