Wednesday, 5 April 2017

18: Easy knitting jumper - Finishing the UFOs

Well it took me over a year since I began on 7th February 2016 to knit this. Its garter stitch so very easy and should be very quick. However, this is me and I never managed to finish that scarf they got us knitting at school because I got bored. I have finished all sorts of lacey and aran stuff but never a scarf.

My conclusion is I don't like garter stitch and I need some kind of changing pattern because even with it being simple intarsia I got bored. Simple was the word though, because I never had more than three balls on the go. It was possibly the most boring knitting I have ever done.

I like the final jumper though. Love it. Its different to everything else I currently own but will match most things. Perfect spring jumper. By the way if you have visited before this was my failed Me Made May challenge. Finally finished though in time to wear for this years Me Made May!
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