Thursday, 13 April 2017

92: Pale blue top


I went window shopping last week in New Look, Top Shop and River Island. I cannot afford their prices. I have a huge stash of fabric and a huge stash of sewing patterns but I just couldn't decide what I wanted to make next. It needs to be spring-like and new so I needed inspiration.

What struck me most was the large variety of wrinkley fabrics - all of which seemed synthetic. Last time I shopped for clothing - with money to spend- was back in 2007. Since then I have never had any cash so have had to make do. I seem to remember the majority of clothing being natural fibres though and now it all seems synthetic.

Well I always used to take stuff into the changing room to look at how it was made but with now also having a decent camera I managed to do some serious investigative recording of clothing to make this season. In fact I came home and wrote a Word document tying up the photos with patterns I currently own which should keep me sorted for ideas for a few months.

I have yet to investigate Next, M&S and H&M as well so life is looking up. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit to the shops I would normally avoid so I have to do this again and more often. I was particularly taken with the small details like D-rings and black tape which seemed to be everywhere decorating shoulders ( New Look) and holding up sleeves ( River Island, New Look, Top Shop). Very 1980s, very 1990s!

Weeeell...........I did not have any black tape although I do own  eyelet tape bought for a different project but then never used. So I have ordered some black tape off ebay but it is from HongKong so will take a month or so to get here. In the meantime I decided to use my eyelet tape instead. Similar theme but I have not seen any as yet on the high street which is good. Also means that my top is unique!

New Look has a Tshirt ( in fushia) with a synthetic front in a wrinkley fabric with a plain back so I reversed my back and sleeves to get two fabrics. You can just about see here that there are a smooth side and a wrinkley side. This is rubbishey cheap polyester. I think it makes a bog-standard synthetic more interesting anyway. I used the Burda style Lydia Tshirt pattern for this top. Although New Look's is a sleevless version with D-rings across the shoulder seams I decided to make this with long sleeves since its still cold in the UK right now. Its my first attempt at Lydia but I expect there will be a few more before the end of summer.

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