Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dog Coat

A while ago now I mentioned I had made two dog coats whilst making my 6: Warm black top with piping, Well I never managed to get a very good photo of them because when out walking the dogs just do not stop moving long enough or because it kept raining. Today I finally managed it so here is Reggie in his raincoat:

The coat has waterproof reflective outer with a cotton drill lining. It has leg straps made of 1 inch elastic which mean the coat stays on the dog even in high winds. I have always found that a problem with most shop bought dog coats. They also used to twist when the dogs started to run. This type doesn't twist. The leg straps make sure it stays put. My dogs are old now but they had similar coats when they were young and I found them the best style available even when the were very active. Not as pretty as a bomber jacket admitedly or a pink fuffy jumper but my dogs are a bit too big for most of the glamourous dog coats you can buy and always ended up with expensive rubbish till I found this design. It also comes right down to where his tail starts ensuring he stays properly cosy and warm. Reggie was not too happy being a model though due to it being quite warm today hence his normally very waggy tail did not want to wag till I took the coat off him but he was a very co-operative model.
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