Wednesday, 3 February 2016

17: Lime fluffy stripey cardigan

I started to knit this cardi when on holiday in 2010 so it has been hanging around for ages. Anyway this Christmas I dug it out and decided to finish it. All it needed was the ribbed edging or banding round the neck and up the fronts. My first attempt made for a out of shape weird looking thing so I took it appart again and redid it. It looks better now but is much wider than I currently want to wear. At time of starting I was really into knitting and wearing this but right now it does not seem to really fit in my wardrobe. And that is despite the fact that the then bargain basement yarn - the fluffy lime fur effect yarn cos me £1 for 3 balls and in fact the man selling it gave me an extra 3 balls for free so I ended up with 18 50g balls for £5. I used 6.5mm needles for a quick knit ( which in the end it was definitely not!) and there was no pattern. I just cast on 86 stitches which seemed the right amount at teh time for a short wide cardigan and knitted in stocking stitch. The rows of stripes are some which 4 rows and some with 8 rows in each colour. Mainly to add interest whilst actually knitting although it probably does give a noce random effect to look at as well.

So here it is:

At the time this fur yarn was not in fashion and was probably generally considered a bit naff but I had liked it last time round so bought it anyway. Also I was bored on holiday and it gave me a project to do. I mixed it with cheap black dk. I knitted both yarns double since I wanted a fast project for a couple of weeks. Needless to say I then never finished it. Since this type pof yarn is now in fashion - or probably actually on the way out again by now, I decided to finish it off once and for all.

It looks OK on Harriet ( my dressform) but not so good on me:
The front is actually not bad at all and I quite like the look or at least once I sew the buttons on it may be quite ok, but its the back I do not like:

Well maybe with a summer dress or a denim skirt?

Although I wanted short and wide I really am not so keen on this look at all right now.
I have yet to add the buttons which I will do in the next few days but to be honest I am considering frogging it back and starting something else. I will probably leave it as part of my wardrobe for a couple of months or at least until spring arrives and then decide if it is actually wearable or not. It will unpick easily anyway.

I think what I need to do is to follow a proper pattern in the correct gauge it was written in and make some decent knitwear since I seem to be making lots of slightly odd articles of clothing right now. Once upon a time I used to knit nice clothes. Not to sure what happened here. Time to increase my knitting knowledge as well as sewing knowledge maybe.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back again soon

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