Thursday, 23 June 2016

52: Pixie festival dress from fabric scraps

This was made from fabric scraps left over from a  couple of other things I have made but have yet to blog about. The fabric is very difficult to use. It stretches despite being just a woven. Its a very loose woven which I like very much but does not work for quite a few designs I tried hence I ended up with a dress that never worked and lots of left over bits. I originally had the idea this fabric would work best with a lining but the outer stretched and the lining didn't and it all looked terrible so I took it appart and started again with no lining and just added bits to the hem to make it pixie-ish. All the seams and edges are overlocked.


The hood was taken from the pattern for the
I actually attempted to make the hoody from this fabric but it did not quite work out. More about this in my next blog post!

Anyway for a disaster this turned out surprisingly wearable and realy did feel like a good festival dress.

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