Friday, 24 June 2016

53: wide neck off the shoulder over top

This is another version of Bursdatyle 01/2016I  which I made twice before here 24: Red lace hoody - Burdastyle 01/2016 and black faux leather leggings and here 15: Burda style 01/2016 hoody
I started making this just after Christmas. Originally I cut a lining since the fabric is very loosely woven and tends to stretch so I thought it would wear better and last longer if lined it. I did not want to lose the loose weave feel by using interfacing all over the pieces which I think was my only other option. I have actually seen blogs where people use starch to stabilise delicate fabrics. I have never done that but with hind-sight maybe it is what I should have done with this fabric. Anyway, I actually cut this top out with the hood which ended up being attached to the pixie dress here:
When I started to construct this the neck edge stretched so much the hood would not line up where it was meant to. This was despite my following the pattern and gathering the neck. The lining of course did not stretch and the outer did so everything just went wrong. In the end I took the hood off, removed all lining and undid the front and back top neck gathers. Then I simply added a ribbed crew neck and serged everything. The cuffs are also ribbed. I was not sure if this would work to save this top or if I would have to cut the pieces again into some other kind of top but in the end I have ended up with a very wide neck on/off the shoulder top which is ideal at this time of year to wear over other clothing like a light weight cardigan or jacket.

I did not hem as such but just serged the edges.  I really like the fabric since it has a lovely drape but possibly would have worked best as "arab" style square scarves though how many of them I would want I do not know. A wrap could also have been a good option. I suspect these garments will not last that long due to the dropped stitch frayed effect which runs right through the fabric in the stripes. In the meantime I shall just enjoy wearing them as much as I can knowing at the least I managed to salvedge my disasters into two reasonably wearable garments. I still have enough of this fabric left for something else too but I have yet to decide what to do with the rest of it.
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