Sunday, 26 June 2016

54: Self -drafted floral yellow top

I made this top about two years ago from the same fabric as the Bowie pants/MC Hammer trousers 51: pattern hacked yellow african block printed baggy Bowie trousers and the circular cullottes

It was raining lots today so I took the photos inside hence they are a bit dull. The top is made from the left over bit of fabric from the other projects. Because of the shape of fabric I had left I made grown-on sleeves which are a bit bat wingish.

 Also the neckline is on the fabric fold so there are no shoulder seams just two side seams and a hem. The neck-hole is simply cut out of the top and has a facing. 

I curved the hemline similar to a shirt hem.

This has turned out to be a surprisingly wearable top so I really should make more in this style. It was also one of the easier and simplest designs I have even sewn.
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