Monday, 6 June 2016

50: 05/2015 Burdastyle trousers 114/115

One thing that happened with doing #MMM16 was that I found I need loads more trousers. Well some trousers would help because I have none that I want to wear for work that are me made. I have one pair of red jogging pants made here:
and also just one pair of me made summer trousers and they are very much a bodge so I prefer not to wear them except at weekends.
The second thing I learned from Me Made May was that most of my Me Made clothing does not really go together very well. So I need to do two things.
  • I need to make lots of bottoms because I have only really made dresses and tops. 
  • I also need to make lots of tops that go with them because then it will make life much easier when I am in a hurry to get out to go to work.

I bought this fabric from IKEA ages ago.  Five meters of it. I washed and ironed it and then its just been sitting there waiting. Well this is my new summer cotton and I am intending to make an entire collection of clothing from this fabric so that everything will pretty much match with no worries what I can wear with what. At the same time as I bought this fabric I also bought some plain bright red cotton so I shall co-ordinate with that and hopefully have a red summer this year.

These were an easy pattern to make and I winged it all the way and never bothered with the instructions. Usually I think I am better off not reading the Burda instructions anyway because they just make an easy pattern very confusing.

I did not actually gather the cuffs but the ribbing works anyway and gathers the ankles in and round the waist the gathers are very uneven and badly done. I know it was a mistake not spending just a tiny bit longer to make them correctly but they actually look fine despite all these small errors and I really like them. I intend to make loads more trousers possibly another couple of pairs. These are very wearable despite really just being track pants.

The shirt is ancient. It started out a pale green which I overdyed yellow and then I dip dyed it red. I think it was from New Look but it was back in my undergraduate days and was probably bought new about 1996 so its been around in various colours for years. I like it with these trousers at least till I can make a top to wear with them.

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