Tuesday, 2 August 2016

58: Another sewing disaster; Sewing Bee curved hem shift dress - not so simple!

I found this pattern here:
I thought it would look really good made in my small piece of camo fabric which I had only one meter of. I did not want to have sleeves because I have a thing about cutting my tattoos in half. I either like no sleeves or long sleeves or at the very least three quarter. Don't ask me why but I just feel it is a bit weird to have half tattoos so I just either show them or cover them. Anyway the piece of fabric I had was a remnant and had some weave defects so I need to cut round them or miss them out. Now I had only 1m of this so its critical I get it all right.

 According to my measurements I cut the correct size ( size 12) but I think either I cut it out wrong.- the pattern definitely says I cut the right size or something else went wrong or the pattern is simply wrong.

Anyway I cut out the pieces and decided to cover the defect by adding an exposed zipper to the back rather than the side zip the pattern calls for.

I also had to shorten the dress a bit but do not mind since will be wearing with leggings anyway. So its going to be  along top or tunic really.

I used a Youtube video to do the zip since have never done an exposed zipper before. It also leaves the whole of the zip exposed even the end which I am not so keen on. As it turns out it was a messy method where you can see the raw edges on the inside and I have since watched a better video so will change how I do it next time but it does work so thats OK.

Then I used bias binding to do the neck, armholes and the hems. Everything is going well and I am thinking I can wear it for my birthday which was then tomorrow ( So I started this back in June because my birthday was the first of July! I have been writing this post for some time now it seems as I keep trying to sort out the mess and keep trying out different things.)

Sewed up the side seams and tried it on. 
The top fits great as you can see but whether its me or the pattern does not matter. The bottom is too tight. I have not put loads of weight on since cutting out honest! According to my measurements this should fit. 

  I really wanted a camo top/dress. So what to do to rescue this? I hate wasting fabric!

My top came to a halt here for over a week while I decided what could be done. I have no more of this fabric - just a few offcuts and already had to cut it shorter than the pattern. 

How to rescue this from the bin?

I toyed with the idea of adding godet type inserts into the sides in green faux leather or in black cotton. I could possibly even have enough camo to add a triangle at the sides. Trouble is I am unsure how professional this will look if I do that and I do want to aim for a nice hand made effect not just a thrown together botched home-made look. If you understand me. I want as good as or better than RTW but more original and not just rubbish obviously home-sewn up rags!

In the end I opened up the side seams with the idea of adding the godets and realised as I tried the dress/tunic on that I actually do not need any extra fabric but can simply trim the bias binding off, raise the side openings and redo with more bias strips. Then having spent ages redoing my bias strips I decided I preferred to just hem the top since the bias strips were just too bulky and made my curved front and back bits kind of stick out funny. So then I spent ages unpicking these and simply finished the hems with overlocking and a single row hem. Easy! 

 And with a shrug - cos its a cold wet day today!

 Well its a top not a dress, but I think I will wear this and maybe it worked out even more wearable as it is because I am not really a dress wearer but wear lots of leggings, jeans and jeggings so this could be a great little tunic for summer/autumn. One thing to remember though next time I wear it: my bright orange exercise top shows through which I never realised till I saw these photos!

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