Saturday, 6 August 2016

59: Upcycled vest top from old 1990s T shirt

I have had to clear out lots of no-longer worn clothing from my wardrobe. Much of it I have owned for twenty-plus years and no longer wear. Having once lost absolutely everything I owned,  I tend to hang onto stuff because one day it could be useful. It all goes back to when I was illegally evicted by a nasty landlord ( who later had to pay compensation for making me homeless when it went to court), and I really did lose everything I owned and ended up in a hostel.

Anyway,when I bought this T-shirt new it was from C&A childrens department. It was the mid-1990s and most tops were either very tight or huge so I could get away with this even though it was childrens. I just love the fabric to this day but I have not worn the T-shirt for years so I decided whilst clearing out my wardrobe to send stuff I no longer wear to the charity shop but to do something else with this. Really I should have taken a photo of the T-shirt for the blog before attacking it,  but I am afraid I forgot and just got on with cutting it appart before I even though of that.

  Its kind of a batique type of print. Here is a close up of the fabric:

Anyway I used Mcalls M6612 which is the same pattern as for this dress: 57:Upcycled vest dress
and again missed off the sleeves. I actually still have quite a few offcuts from the rest of the T-shirt so will save them to trim something in the future.

Its worn here with RTW rousers which have a serious pattern match problem. May have to do something about updating them soon as well...........

Like my previous upcycled vest dress the side seams had gone very wonky with wear so I cut it all appart, positioned my pattern pieces and then cut out and sewed up. This time though I was a bit cleverer and kept the hems intact so I did not have to do any hemming. I just sewed up the sides and of course the shoulders. I simply overlocked all the edges for a nice new top. It was a very fast make and definitely worth the effort.

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