Monday, 15 August 2016


Well I have been very busy doing DIY. Not clothing you understand but house stuff and it has taken all my time it seems. I decided stupidly to redecorate my living room so I stripped off some of the wall paper. The first wall my partner has started to tidy up. Here it is:
It started out similar to the picture at the start of this post but he has chiseled away the edges to get it ready for the plasterer. This is what the second wall is like. Now I really never intended for us to have to replaster but I now we must. So my great idea to redecorate is really a compelete disaster!

Worst of all is on the first two walls I spent ages actually stripping off the old paper. On the third wall I had realised all the plaster is loose so I just pulled it off and did not waste time stripping it.
I will still have to strip off the bits where the plaster is not loose of course but no point when half the wall is this bad. I am devestated to be honest since have bought some lovely new wallpaper and although Christmas is months away I am now worrying it will still be undecorated then! So I now have three out of four walls that need plastering and yet to strip wall number 4! Such is life eh!

So sewing-wise: I am not too sure about the rules of the Monthly Stitch challenges but I have been very busy making my 3 items for the August challenge. Hopefully finished tomorrow when I will do a proper sewing post. I do not want to show anything before I put it onto the Monthly Stitch in case it is not allowed to do that so my new items must for now stay secret. I will reveal all very soon I promise.

I can tell you that I am intending to make this outfit next:

Recently I bought this Burda from Ebay for £2.99 which I consider a bargain because I am after lots of patterns in this issue. Of course I will still need to trace them. I want to make the trousers from this pattern here:
With the bustier from 06/2016#114 here:113-062016-B

I bought this really soft stretchy woven cotton fabric in  a citrus colour last summer with an idea to make a shirt.

Anyway I thought better of it. I have 2m in total so its a risk because really I do not know if I have enough to make this work but with luck I might do and I think it would be lovely amd comfy to wear.If I carefully cut out the trousers I should have just about enough left to make the top because the top is all tiny pattern pieces. I suppose I can always add a second fabric to my bustier. So once I get the Monthly Stitch challenge up online that is my next sewing project which I think should just about take me comfortably into Autumn. Then its make a coat time I think since I planned to make one all last winter but never did it. This year I will be better.

Thanks for reading and see you soon

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