Wednesday, 3 August 2016

60: Upholstery fabric trousers

I made these trousers quite quickly using the May 2015 pattern I used here: 50: 05/2015 Burdastyle trousers 114/115
I added about two inches or 5cm to the length and used a waistband instead of ribbing. I did not gather in the ankles. I made a self-tie belt and added some  belt loops to the sides and fastened the belt to the trousers at centre back. It just ties in front.

Other than the fact my other half says they make me look fat, I actually rather like these trousers.  Maybe best to keep them for the days when you really feel like covering up and being hidden from the world. I am having a whole week feeling like that right now so they suit my mood.
They were an experiment because I bought this fabric off Ebay and do not fancy it for curtains after all so may as well make something else from it. Maybe I might make a jacket or fitted skirt later. I have about 6m of it left. The fabric is really good.

It looks like linen but cannot be 100% if it has any linen in it at all because it does not crease which is great when I am in a hurry first thing in the morning. I hate ironing at the best of times and will happilly wear a very creased outfit just to avoid doing it. I know I am meant to iron necks and seams etc and I do have times when I get really good and behave properly with my sewing but more often than not I just press the seam between finger and thumb quite a bit and hope. Most things work out fine. I would love the skill to make couture clothing but really I know I would wear it never or very little if I did. I do not like lined clothing either which makes me less skilled probably than I should be. I know I visit loads of blogs where people line everything and make a wonderful job of it. I find most of the time though if its something like a summer dress I really do not want to wear it lined because I want it as thin as possible.

Maybe I am not getting the point or something. I know linings generally mean better quality but I do not really make my clothing to get that. I want individuality rather than high couture quality. I do not necessarily want my clothes to last for twenty years. I have wardrobes full of stuff that is that old and really I only own it because I became very poor due to becoming self-employed and I could not afford to buy anything so I had to wear my old stuff. It has nothing to do with loving it especially. Although there are obviously a few treasured items. Mostly for me though keeping my clothes long term has been a survival thing. I simply had no other choice. So really my aims when making my own clothing is to have lovely clothes I like to wear for less money than a similar item I could buy and in different fabric to everyone else because I HATE turning up somewhere only to find several other people have the same top on. I want to dress individually. After all are we not all diferent?
Thanks for reading and come back soon

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