Friday, 11 November 2016

FREE patterns alert

Just a quick message to anyone who is a fan of Burda. If you go right now to the NEW website and search womens digital patterns from £0-£2 you get lots of free patterns. As in 5 pages of them! To get what I wanted I did have to spend so I bought the Lydia shirt pattern which I have been considering for quite a while. If you use code NEWBUR10 you get £10% discount on what you buy as well. I did find I needed to actually pay for something to get the freebies hence buying Lydia. I actually own most of the patterns that are free because I have most of the last couple of years Burda Mags but if you haven't there are nearly all the digital patterns there right now free. I invested my 85p to get 21 old patterns from 2010 up to 2013 which I do not already have. Also the August 2016 Magazine is free. I think you need to pay delivery though. Sadly I already bought it and just for the maxi-cape!
Never mind!
I returned today which is the 15/11/2016 to find that although the patterns are still advertised as free when you search they now come up as £3.99 when you put them into your basket. Hopefully a few people got bargains/freebies. I did think it was possibly a mistake!

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