Thursday, 29 December 2016

76: sequin trimmed T-shirt top

I quite fancied making the sequin front sweatshirt in the Burda 01/2017 but I have yet to buy it and really I own a similar pattern already. I used this pattern for this top:


Unlike the new Burda mag this has inset sleeves. The Burda version has raglan sleeves.

Unfortunately you can see the top I wore underneath this which had a chiffon frill round the neck and makes the neckline look like there is an extra bit sticking up!

The front is black sequin fabric on a mesh and is very drapey. Bought at a bargain price off ebay over a year ago for about £3 for 5.3m. The back and sleeves are black cotton T-shirt jersey and the neckband and bottom band is some stretch ribbing of unknown fibre. I made the bottom band longer to wear with leggings. The back piece is also the side panel so there are only 3 pattern pieces plus the neck edges and bands. I also decided to add sleeve wrist bands which the pattern does not include. 

 My front is lined with the same lining I seem to be using for everything right now. Still its pretty.
Though only I will ever see it.

I stitched the lining down inside so to make the sequins nicer against my skin. It works really well. It also gives a nice inside to my top.

Unfortunately, because of my near miss a year ago when attempting to overlock sequins where I nearly took out my eyes I decided to sew all this top with my normal sewing machine. Everything is  twin needle stitched or single needle stitched ( my lining) because it is stretchy but less likely to cause eye damage due to flying parts like broken needles. Means my finished top does not have nicely finished off overlocked edges which is a shame but it was much safer to make this way. I also wore safety glasses when I made this. Well I do not care how silly this sounds. After having had  one near miss there is no way I am losing an eye for a top.


As it turns out the inside is not too bad really due to the fabric does not fray.

I made the tartan leggings ages ago here if you want to know more about them.

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