Saturday, 31 December 2016

77: Playing with sequins - blank slate patterns top

 I bought 5.3m of sequin fabric more than a year ago from a seller on ebay. For about £3 in total it was seriously a bargain. It was September and I suppose no one else wanted sequins in September! I just love things like this but simply have not had the sewing confidence to use them till now. Having had a very scary disaster where  nearly took my eyes out when altering a thrift shop top I shyed away from using this fabric. TMS challenge for December though and a little more sewing experience one year on led to this top being made.

I fully lined the top with the same fabric I am using for my coat lining. Mainly because it meant I did not need to spend ages looking in my stash for some lining and also because it was next to me where I am slowing sewing up my coat. More on that later.

The neck edge is smply turned over and hemmed over the lining to keep it all in place. It is my first lined top ever so I am very happy with that alone because its a step towards making "upmarket" clothing rather than just cheap high street copies. All in all a success I think.

Sorry about background cleaning mess. We are still constructing the front room after our decorating.

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