Sunday, 25 December 2016

Gothic Christmas Fairy for my tree

Our old Christmas fairy was looking really tatty and sad so I decided to make a new one for this years Christmas tree. I never took a picture of the "starter dolly" which was a very cheapo Barbie copy from Poundland. She started off blonde and very pink and white. Just  a cheap dolly for a stocking filler.

I coloured the hair with felt tip pens. Similarly her lipstick is dark nailvarnish.

The wings were from a tacky Chinese model of a fairy that is meant to be collectable and I broke it so may as well make use! They work as well.

The dress is made by sewing scraps of fabrics to the clothing she came in. Its all bits of black dresses cut up years ago. The jewelled bodice is made from bits left over from a charity/thrift shop dress I bought for the black satin fabric and I never wanted to use the jewelled bodice. Perfect for my gothic fairy tho!

Its been a big build up to Christmas for us with no room to really have it in till today since this is all very last minute.


And this may just look like a wall but it used very recently to look like this:

The left hand corner now looks much better!
The entire room was just a mess. Its still no where near perfect but we do have a Christmas after all. It all needs a serious tidy up and we still have to put the doors on a  cupboard we built but its getting there at last. Maybe, we will finaly be sorted for New Year!

You can read about this decorating/ rebuilding here:
Its been ongoing for what seems like ages.

And we even made a Derelict looking gingerbread house ( using a kit so a cheat but fun)

Thanks for reading:

Merry Christmas


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