Friday, 2 December 2016

73: Red coat Part 1

Well I want to make this coat which I put the pattern together to make in January whilst knitting Shaun the Sheep for my friends son.

It took absolutely ages because there were loads of sheets of A4 to tape together. Then I made loads of small projects, mostly tops and never got round to making the jacket. Well I suppose it took so long to stick it together lost interest. Well I no longer, right now anyway, want to make the peplum jacket which is what I bought the pattern for but I do want to make the coat which is 12/2012#104


I have this textured upholstery fabric. It is actually bright red but for some reason I am having problems taking decent photos of it! Anyway this shows the texture quite well. Its a velvet type of fabric of unknown fibre but should be warm and Christmasey.


Well that is assuming I ever get back my sewing table. My other half is currently trying to sort out the plaster that fell off when I removed the wallpaper from the lounge walls. With Christmas just weeks away he is working very hard to do this. Just so you understand he is not a plasterer and has never done this before. He is doing his best but the downside is I have stuff (TV, stereo etc) that needs looking after all over what I use as my sewing table so it is not looking very hopeful that I will actually get any sewing whatsoever done this week at least and to be quite honest if I get my table back before Christmas it will be a small miracle.

I have cut out my coat bits and you can just about see they are red in this photo:

All I need is space to get them sewn up.
I have chosen this lightweight polyester fabric for the lining which should be quite nice I think.

So what I really want right now in all the world is to be able to get on with making this so I can wear it in time for Christmas!

I was actually planning a skirt made from the same fabric but I reckon my chances of that are virtually nil until the house is done!
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