Friday, 29 January 2016

16: blue velvet pixie hoody

I bought several patterns in the recent sales. One was this:

Buy Simplicity Women's Knit Dress and Tunic Sewing Pattern, 1251 Online at
I made it in dark blue stretch velvet. Possibly there is lycra in it but I am unsure. It has a 4-way stretch though and is lovely to wear. This pattern went together a dream. After the problems with my 13: Red dress or long top and then with 15: Burda style 01/2016 hoody, although really the Burda hoody went together fine, I just do not like some of the construction. Next time I will alter those bits. Anyway everything went perfectly with this pattern giving me back some of the confidence I have lost over the past two weeks. It also looks great with my tartan leggings 10: Tartan leggings

The top has a high low hem and the hood is pointy as well although you cannot see that in this photo. This top is as good as any I have seen at festivals so I am very happy to have bought this pattern. I think the velvet cost me about £4-5 and there is still some left for another project. As is lots of my fabric, I bought this from Weston Fabrics on ebay.

This is a size 12 in version B so is the mid length version of this pattern.
 I really am not very good at this modelling. You see some blogs and the writers are really models as well. I try to look arty but cannot quite make it it seems............

The neck is finished using bias binding and all hems are twin needle stitched. Well I think its a great top and will go with jeans, skirts and leggings so I expect to be wearing this lots.
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