Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Musings, Overview and Planning: My achievements and fails so far this year and a dilemma!

Back at the end of February I pledged to make several items this year. 
  • raglan sleeved tops - colour blocked -
  • dress also colour blocked
  • cullottes
  • mitts
  • jacket
  • hoody x2
  • leggings in red and black faux leather
  • sports wear jacket - Burda Young 7140
  • leggings with side stripes to match 7140
  • short sporty skirt
I have highlighted what I managed so far. Its not too bad and I am reasonably happy. I am stretching slightly though since my short skirt is my upcycled skirt here:

The problem is I have started lots of projects that I have not finished so have loads of UFOs.

The jacket I did finish although not the one I was intending to make! I have not yet made a sportswear type jacket.  I was very tempted to take part in the bomber jacket sew-along which ran for several weeks from 1st September 2016. I have several patterns which I could use for this so will have to have a look through them I think and maybe do this later. I did save all the emails associated with it so I can go back to them when needed. I did make a jacket though. This was for the Gingham-along but still it did have matching leggings and as it happens I did make the leggings I intended anyway just never got round to the jacket to go with them. AND they have been very wearable until the last few weeks when it got too cold to wear them so a success there.

I made various dresses and tops and leggings, but not the raglan colour blocked dress I intended. That still waits in a pile of traced patterns for me to get round to it. I keep getting fabric out of the stash to make that one but never seem to really like any of it for this particular dress.The cullottes - I did make some but then cut out a second pair which wait to be sewn up! Probably I will finish them this spring because it is far too cold now to wear anything that thin! I also cut out some other trousers and half finished them - again I can finish them this spring so I suppose that will give a slight head start on some summer weight clothing anyway! I need to aim to finish things I start now.

It has been quite a year of discovery for me though and this year I want to use faux leather more because I really enjoy wearing it. Strange that, because I probably would not buy RTW clothing made from it! Also my most recent party tops where I have to admit I am now obsessed with sequins and trying to think of something to make that I can wear for a normal day at work and this really blows away my old preconceptions as to what I dare to wear! Ha!

I am a very different person to the one who started sewing  when I started this blog. It has been really good for me to do this and I would advise anyone considering a sewing blog to go for it. Its great when you receive a comment and have visitors but in the end its really for you and focusing on something to the extent you full fill your own dreams is just wonderful. I have taken part in lots of online sewing challenges and really enjoyed myself so the blogging is definitely a success because it focuses me onto actually doing some sewing. I love being part of the sewing community. It seriously beats my old style of sewing where I just sewed an occassional garment and did it badly. The online community is so helpful and it is wonderful and just knowing you are part of something that is useful as well as fun is great.
So setting my tasks for the next 3 months because for me a year is just too far off and I know I will not stick to my goals so, I intend to make as follows:
a second pair of these tartan leggings because I have almost worn them out and they are looking tatty but I love them and still have enough fabric so I want more but better made than these were:
I really need some new track pants so have to decide on a pattern for them as well. I also need to finish my UFOs and most of all my coat which I have neglected in favour of party clothes over the last couple of weeks. I need this so ought to do this one.

AND: I yesterday received the January 01/2017 Burda which is full of sportswear so I want to make some of those patterns. I have actually cancelled my Burda subscription now because I seem to be collecting loads of patterns but not making any of them.

So this years goal - for the next few months only:
  • To take part in as many online challenges as possible with my busy life.
  • To make what I need from patterns I already own
  • Not to stash any new fabric but to use what I already have 
  • Not to buy any new patterns 
because I just spend ages dreaming about making stuff and not actually doing it which is really not at all productive.

I also have a new dilemma. I have made over 70 of my 100 garments. What seemed like a fun goal which seemed almost unachievable just over one year ago is coming close to ending so what next?

Do I change my blog name?

It is not as if I have hundreds of followers but I would miss the ones I do have and I do really love when I get the odd comment so if I start all over again that would end at least for the immediate future.
I was not thinking very far ahead when I called my blog 100 garments. Maybe I should just carry on because I do not think I shall stop sewing or blogging once I get to the 100 mark and my sewing has steadily improved so that now I am actually quite happy wearing my Me-Made for work as well as play so why stop now?
A sewing blog has certainly given me a new perspective on life and I love blogging almost as much as sewing!
Thanks for reading and a slightly belated Happy New Year.
Wishing my readers all the best of luck in 2017.

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