Saturday, 14 January 2017

79: Velvet dress

I got this really lovely pattern in my email back in the Autumn and never got round to making it. Its a free SoSewEasy pattern. I have collected loads of these free patterns from Deb and Mayra at So Sew Easy but never until now got round to making one. I love this kind of dress though. It was the wardrobe staple of my youth and I made loads of versions. Obviously not from this particular pattern since that was new when I got it but it was a popular dress style at the end of the 1970's into the mid-80's. I used to make my own of course but to do that I used to draw round an existing dress. So anyway, when I had this arrive in my inbox I had to make it. The Monthly Stitch un-stashed challenge came along so why not?

I actually sewed this up on Twelth night hence we are in the process of taking down the decorations which you can just about see in the background and I am wearing exercise-wear under this dress so it is not shown at its best really. Having said that though I will probably wear it as a T-shirt over some kind of trousers or leggings for the next few months so this is how it will look till the spring comes.

crushed velvet dress

The fabric was from ebay and was really bought to make a dress for New Years Eve but I got obsessed by sequins so it would have gone into my stash if it was not for The Monthly Stitch! Its simply overlocked with twin needle stitched hem. I just did a quick T-shirt style neck-band which is probably something I will change in version two because its not quite right. Its wearable and comfortable though as well as warm. I am intending to make several more of these as well because its a big success in my wardrobe already! 

 Thank you, So Sew Easy for the pattern. 
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