Saturday, 21 January 2017

82: cuddly camo for me too!

The Photo-bombing chicken is called Emily.

Well New Year is traditionally for sportswear making it seems and I really need these. Not really to do sort in but just for life. I really love my Lekala trousers I made right at the beginning of my adventures into my 100 Garments project.

I have worn them to death near enough despite the fact they are far from perfect to the extent they are downright badly made. Very "homemade" in fact! I doubt if any sewing bloggers or sewists in general would mistake them for RTW.
Still, I love them anyway and I had to start to make clothing somewhere. So here we are with a second version, made from the same fabric I used for my other half's hoody.

 This time though I did not want the double fabric at the hem or the side leg splits so I added the piece for this ( folded in half to reduce the length where it is meant to be doubled) onto the each leg pattern piece. It makes for a normal trouser length rather than the 90's style of the first pair.
Instead of a hem I added a strip of fabric twin needle stitched to the edge which gives a nice raw edge effect but twin needle stitching and the extra strip of fabric should stop it going to out of shape.

You can just about see what I mean in these photos.

And I love them! I have worn them for about a week now and just keep reaching for them over everything else. Sadly I cannot currently get away with wearing them to work but for the rest of my life they have rapidly become a favourite item of clothing.

Thanks for visiting my blog, hopefully see you again soon,

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