Monday, 19 June 2017

Leamington Peace Festival 2017

Well this blog post is a bit late and I have not made anything this week but I did go to Leamington Peace Festival which was lovely as usual. For once we actually had good weather as well. I think its the first time since we traded there in 2009 that the weather was good for both days, which was the first year we had a stall there. It was a bit too hot but you can't complain really can you. We were trading but never knew we even had a pitch until Wednesday due to the fact the organisers were very disorganised thisyear so we had very little stock really but hey ho it was still great fun even though we took very little money. I love LPF it really is such good fun even though its meant to be work!  Really though I gave up trading four years ago except for this festival. I do love this particular event.

So heres the photos:

I wore my red dress from The Monthly Stitch 3 dresses challenge here:

Its very upcycled being made from two saris I bought from Oxfam when we moved to the current house to use as emergency curtains and then later I made my curtains into this lovely dress. To be honest I have never actually worn this out before but it was perfect here and three diffrent people admired it and said I should be selling them. Well thats an idea! And I was very chuffed.

This is our stall

And the main stage

And the rest of the festival

And our stall again but inside:

My lovely Mick who makes the tie dyed T-shirts we sell as you can see he is modelling one of them:

And of course IT IS a PEACE FESTIVAL and after what happened recently in Manchester, London Bridge and yesterday in Finsbury Park I thought I should post these photos I took of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL who did a talk and marched all around the site.

Of course they are quite right too:
against the terrorists because what is happening is terrible and we cannot let these evil people win!

Most of us love our multi-racial multi-cultural, diverse society and this festival brings everyone together and its just amazing to go to and meet interesting people.

If ever you get the opportunity to go to Leamington Peace Festival I would encourage you to try it out because its a free festival.............I think the oldest in the UK and has been going for 39 years now.
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