Thursday, 1 June 2017

#MMM17 day 31 Onwards.......................

Well sadly its already the last day of MMM17 and I am sad to say I did not try so very hard this year. I have loads of things in my wardrobe that are Me-Made that I never even got round to considering to wear. I tried much harder last year to wear something different each day. Then though I was a student so what I wore did not matter although it did get a few comments! This year I am working in a "business" environment and its much more difficult. Having said that I still should have tried harder really.

Having said that nearly every day I change when I get home after work and I found I normally wear me made anyway. ALL THE TIME!

Most days I have changed from my work me-made to some more casual me-made. I rarely remembered to get any photos but it was satisfying to realise I do actually wear me-made all the time which I did not do this time last year.

Today I wore one of my favourites to finish the #MMM17. My lovely gingham top:

What I have realised is I have loads of Me-Made tops and dresses, leggings and track pants. Casual stuff.  I was already intending to make some new tops for summer but they a much less urgent now. I need some smart but comfy work clothes! In particular trousers!

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