Sunday, 25 June 2017

Mick's matching luggage

We have collected a variety of tablets over the last few years but have proper cases for only one of them so I decided to make some to protect them since Mick has started to take his to work with him but it has no protective cover.


It took a few attempts to get  a case that was both the right size and folded over enough to protect the
In the end I ended up with three variations on the same idea.

Each tablet case is a single piece of fabric which is heavy weight uphostery brocade lined with a piece of fleece.
Then a shoe lace serves as a tie to keep the tablet secure in transit.

All of these cases are simply a layer of uphostery brocade with a lining of fleece. They are made entirely using an overlocker. To get a neat edge you first over lock the one edge which will end up as the inside under the flap, at one end then fold over to form into the final case and overlock each side and take this right round to the opposite side. I curved the corners on the later versions and finally attached a piece of shoe lace to tie it up.
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