Saturday, 10 June 2017

What next?

Well I finished my 100 Garments quite a while ago now and then Me Made may ended.

#MMM had a strange result this year where I have not stopped doing #MMM since but although I have not been taking photos each day I have still been wearing MM despite May ending.  I have a couple of photos but was not very dedicated since I never realised this would actually alter my  habits so completely.

I do not feel I quite tried as hard as I should have for #MMM17. Wearing me made has become the norm rather than being new to me. I make clothing and I wear what I make. That is now what I do and I enjoy it. This photo was taken on Friday 9th June. I am wearing both my flares
and my blue top.
Possibly it is because I never got round to wearing a large number of me-made items in May so have kind of made up for it since.It was kind of an anti-climax this year. It has meant I have got some new inspiration or aims though which I need if I am going to keep on blogging. I love it but without material it gets difficult so now I MUST make in order to have a reason for blogging. Yey!

Anyway, my conclusion after another Me-Made-May is I need to wear me-made all the time. Not everything because unlike for example Hand Made by Carolyn 

I have yet to learn to make shoes so I am not likely in the near future to be able to wear 100% me-made but I am going to aim to do this.I am feeling very inspired by Hand Made by Carolyn who wore MM for an entire year. Mind you I am far from being able to accomplish this to the extent of Hand Made by Carolyn without my learning to make my own shoes. I must admit this is a current interest although I have yet to achieve this. I have to try making shoes soon.

I am seriously interested in using flip-flops to make some shoes. I have seen these at several locations around the web.
They look make-able and wearable. This I might manage. I have yet to collect all my tools and supplies but I am intending to attempt this in the next few months.

The one thing I found with #MMM17 was I have no MM work trousers and to be honest very few RTW work trousers so want to make at least two pairs by December 2017.
These are the Tshirts I have been cutting up.

I also need to some items for my partner. He needs them. I tried a couple of tops recently - more on that later.

So these aims are pretty easy I think to accomplish. They will take a few months but I should manage to do them.

My most recent crafting endeavour is in recycling old Tshirts into a wearable cardigan. So far I have not made much. I got the idea from a Wool and the Gang video but cannot now find the link. It may be a YouTube. I am unsure. They cut up old jeans into strips and knitted them. I am doing the same thing but with old tie dyed Tshirts.

This is a quick preview of the eventually to be made cardigan - assuming I eventually finish it:

To make the yarn you need to cut the old Tshirts into strips. I know people used to make rugs like this in the 70;s. I remember several aunties having a go at rugs from old rags.

To make the yarn,
I open up one side of the Tshirt, cut out the sleeve  and cut off the hem. I save these because I reckon they could be usefule later. I never can throw fabric away!
Then I cut going round and round the Tshirt. I am cutting strips approximately 1.5 - 2cm wide. I have included the overlocked seams rather than cut the strip at that point and just knitted them in, though this may be a bad idea. I will not know till I wear it. Hopefully it will not fall to bits on me! Its knitted on 10mm needles using stocking stitch and I have pulling all tied ends to the front to give it a boho look.

I think it will look good once finished but as anyone who visits my blog reasonably often will know I am a slow knitter so it may not get finished for a while yet. It looks wearable though if you fancy doing something similar.

So other than dreaming of making shoes and attempting to knit I have been very unproductive these last weeks.   I find myself in need of a challenge now I got to 100 garments and am seriously considering men’s clothing since my partner has an increasingly shabby collection of clothing whilst mine has been enhanced considerably in the past year due to my 100 garments project.

I am aiming to achieve these goals over the next year or so. Again like when I began blogging on 100 garments I have absolutely no idea how long this will take to achieve so the time frame is open ended. So here are my aims:
Finish the jumper,
Make mens clothing
Make trousers I can wear for work 
Boots or shoes from flipflops.

Oh and if you do have a go at making a cardigan or anything using this idea please let me know because I would love to see what you made.

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