Saturday, 22 July 2017

Another red top:Burdastyle 02/2014#117

This is Burdastyle 02/2014#117 which can also be used to make a dress. However it does mean I will have to trace it again and right now I am feeling lazy. This top is made from some of my Ikea oriental fabric which I also used for these trousers                                and this top  
I do like the top very much though found the neck a bit too low for me so ended up wearing over my red dress made here . I actually made this as a summer top I could get away with for work but the low V-neck has meant I probably will keep just for "play" instead. I do not feel comfortable with such a plunging neck at work.

Actually, how do you like my new "Deathly Hallows" pendant which was  birthday present?
 Not quite my usual style though it seems most people do not know its from Harry Potter and just think its a random shape.

I did not make any big changes to this pattern other than forgetting to cut the top front piece which you cut into two (if you follow the instructions properly!) to make a yoke. By the time I read it properly and realised I had cut the front out so if I had then chopped it off I would not have had a seam allowance so decided to just omit the front yoke. If you were using this for colour blocking it would have mattered but since its all one print it really makes very little difference. Since this top is made from bits from two previous garments I never bothered to pattern match so its a bit random but I do not mind. 
Its all overlocked but top stitched round the neck and sleeves and hem.
This is the top sticthing on the hem:

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