Saturday, 1 July 2017

Birthday skirt

Today is my birthday and I have spent several weeks on and off trying to get round to finishing this skirt. Its very 80s but not frilly like most 80s raras. The frills are all cut circular.
This is made from
 coated stretch indigo cotton bought a couple of years ago with no idea what to do with it but it was ridiculously cheap.
The pattern I got free back in 2013 when it was released at where you can now buy it. You cannot get this pattern from but interestingly in this pattern there are 4 variants of skirt and you get them all. You can buy two views from and two from but you cannot see a picture of the other two views on each website.
 Hopefully this will make sense. Anyway if you locate one of the variants you also get this pattern.

 This is the side where I decided to add rivet tape. I was intending to use black lacing but in the end I never got round to buying a black lace so used this rainbow one I bought several years ago. It is meant to have an invisible zipper but I never had the right colour so used the rivet tape I bought at some point because it might one day come in useful to have some to close this skirt. It works very well though probably I will eventually buy some black shoe laces and replace this rainbow one.

The skirt was intended to have just hems on each frill but when I overlocked the edge with an intention to twin needle stitch the edge under I marked the coated fabric with the foot of the machine so I then tried to turn it up twice. This just looked terrible and did not lay right so I undid everything and added lace to the bit I damaged which covers the problem area on the top frill. I then added lingerie lace to the rest of the frills and along the top frill to tie it all together. Because the lingerie lace is meant to lay flat it does not like my circular frills so I ended up cutting the pink embellished ribbon and knotting it. It works. Very well infact though is definitely not a skirt for work!

Its worn with a vintage Tammy top and a vintage OMEN top both from the mid 90s.

Have a lovely day,  I intend to do my very best to!
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