Saturday, 29 July 2017

Working wardrobe :1

So back in May I decided what I really need to make is work clothes. This a very boring project but has the upside that at least I should end up with clothing that fits comfortably rather than most of the RTW stuff I already own that is very dated being bought back in the early 2000,s. I NEED this stuff rather than want it so forgive me for being practicle for a few weeks whilst I make some work clothes.

So first off here,s Burda 7122 View A.

  Unfortunately not the best photos ever but I broke my phone so Mick took these and his camera is not so good. They do look pretty similar to the pattern. Being naturally lazy I missed out the belt loops but may have to add them retrospectively depending on how they wear in because I think I should have made a size smaller. Still these are the prototype. I have cut out a second pair already. The fabric is four way stretch. I think probably polyester. Like normal suit fabric from a shop like Next. No cheapo stuff although I bought this about two years ago from a shop that was closing down and it cost just 99p for about 4m. Downside is my 4m are in three bits but its looking like finally I have a purpose for this. 
  I actually attempted my first invisible zip. It worked but I chose to use the Blank Slate method which uses a normal zipper foot and it doesn't get close enough to the teeth so ends up "not quite invisible". The inside and all seams are overlocked. I did a deep hem because I am not as tall as the pattern is meant for but its given the trousers some weight which makes them drap well.


And finally here's a very nice looking Canada goose!

I just had to include him ( or her) because he's lovely!
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