Friday, 14 July 2017

Red top

 I was inspired for this look by Did You Make That's
Yuki Dress The Third

The shoe lace tie is from the same supplier in fact!
So............. I cannot afford to buy any new patterns right now which is sad being as we are in the midst of Indie Pattern Month but whatever, this is my take on the Yuki dress using just what I already own. Except of course this is a top!

I have his pattern which I actually managed to buy by accident in an online sale. At least when the parcel arrived I definitely did not remember ordering it. At the time, as well, I did not consider it to be my style. However, I have used McCalls M6612 loads so it was a good mistake to have made. This time I made view D but with the sleeves. However instead of making view D into a cowl dress I shortened it into a top and left the cowl as a tube which works as a hood.

Its worn here with my birthday skirt:

I think it worked out very well.

The top is made from unknown jersey which is probably cotton bought as an end of roll remnant from Ebay for just 99p. I was very happy to receive this purchase in fact because there was over 5m of it. It is a bit brighter than usually I would buy but at 99p I can cope with that.

Thanks for reading, Bracken

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