Saturday, 29 July 2017

Rose Blonde Hair Yeah!

I decided to be brave and go for Rose Blonde instead of my usual natural blonde hair dye. Tho obviously I have had red hair and peach hair as people may have noticed in older blog posts but I was a student and it was nice to be able to be me. Now I am in an office where its a smart casual but definitely with emphasis on the "smart". So its OK but I do feel a bit fake. So, I decided to take a chance knowing I am temping anyway and it will fade being a  semi permanent in a few washes anyway. Also we ae not in the 70s and 80s anymore where you got sacked if you dyed your hair a colour instead of natural. The world has changed thank goodness and is far freeer with things like hair colour than the world I grew up in.

So go for it:

This is Rose blonde when wet.

Then its a bit scary and very pink but when rinsed and dried its like this:

Brillaint! Just a hint of pink which keeps me happy........I can't explain this but I always like coloured hair best probably my punk roots. But not too much  (hopefully) to annoy the boss because I do need to keep my job.

This is Superdrug's own make Rose Blonde semi-permanent hair dye on a bleached blonde base. OK I reckon! The packet says 30 minutes but I left it on 45 by mistake so probably more intense than 30 minutes would be but its a conditioner so will be good not bad for my hair which is one of the reasons for trying it. Why have a plain old conditioner when you can have a coloured one?

There is definitely a hint of pink. I did not think it was very noticible until I was sitting at my desk and the lady who sits next to me came in and said "Wow! Pink Hair" so obviously you can tell.

Very wearable I think. I bought two more packs. One of Loreal colorista to use when my roots come back and one of superdrugs own conditioner/semiperm colours again in Rose Blonde. Should get me through to autumn I think and I still have colorista in peach, lilac and pink as well if I fancy a dipdyed effect which I bought the week of my birthday.

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