Monday, 4 January 2016

10: Tartan leggings

Tartan leggings for the theatre

This is View C of McCall's M6173 leggings pattern.
I bought this stretch tartan a few months ago now just because I liked it but with no real idea of what to make with it so it has just been sitting there waiting. Anyway tartan is kind of Christmasey and we were going to the theatre to see Vampomime which is an adult pantomime about vampires. It seemed a great time to experiment with this tartan. Its a synthetic stretch which I originally thought was just polyester but having worn these lots and no knees have appeared I think there must be some lycra in this fabric as well which is great because it was pretty cheap. Again from Weston fabrics on
There are no side seams since each leg is cut all as one piece which makes construction very quick and easy. The seams are overlocked and the hems are stitched using a twin needle. 
The pattern says view C does not have a waistband but without one they would have been low hipsters which I did not want. You are meant to just fold the top over and use elastic for the waist. I must be too long in the body anyway for this pattern.To make them work I used a piece of 3inch black elastic for the waistband. To attach it to the tartan I used a stretch zigzag stitch. Not the normal zigzag but one of those that is made up of lots of little stitches which makes it even more stretchy than normal zigzag. I stitched two rows of this stretch zigzag stitch just to make sure it didn't come off whilst wearing. 
 This view has very long legs which you could ruche but I have just left long and let them ruche naturally around my ankles. I very much like the long leg length though which I have never had on shop bought clothing. I am sure there is some abreviation to use here for reference to shop bought stuff but cannot remember it!
Anyway my idea about using a piece of black elastic for the wiastband is good and bad. Originally I left it full width and made a very high waisted pair of leggings. I didn't like them not being a fan of high waists. If you are a fan of a high waist it would be a great way to achieve this from a normal waist height legging pattern. Then I folded the elastic in. This does work. 


In fact I have previously owned trousers with this but to make it work you would need to top stitch it along the edge along the outside of the waistline to keep it in place. I then folded the elastic double and this I like so that is how I have left them. I am intending to make another pair of these because I have lived in them. Probably with a normal waoistband or maybe with a thinner 1 inch elastic one but not with the three inch elastic bacause although it ended up working perfectly I think there is a better way. I also almost managed to match the tartan. It is slightly out on the back but does work at the front so I am reasonably happy with that. The only problem I have is I wore them with a jacket that has velcro and it caused pilling on one hip but other than that I love these and the fabric I made them from.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again soon

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